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Mastercard contactless cards can be used to pay for transport from Apr 4

Mastercard contactless cards can be used to pay for transport from Apr 4

File photo of a commuter at an MRT station. (Photo: LTA/Twitter)

SINGAPORE: Commuters will be able to use their Mastercard contactless bank cards or mobile phones to pay for their travel on public transport with the launch of SimplyGo from Apr 4, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Monday (Apr 1). 

"This removes the need to carry a separate travel card or make upfront top-ups before travelling," LTA said. 

"Commuters simply need to tap their Mastercard contactless bank cards on the fare reader at the train station gantry or on the bus when boarding and alighting."

LTA added that commuters can also easily view their travel expenditure and history by registering for an account on the TransitLink SimplyGo Portal, available online and via the TL SimplyGo mobile app.

Commuters can also opt to receive this information via push notifications on their mobile device each time they tap out at the end of their trip.

The TL SimplyGo mobile app also offers other travel-related services and information, such as concession card application and bus routes and timings. LTA said more commuter services will also be rolled out in the future.

“Towards the end of the year, commuters using their ez-link cards can also start upgrading their cards to enjoy SimplyGo benefits like topping up on-the-go via the SimplyGo account,” LTA added.

This initiative comes with the launch of SimplyGo on Apr 4, which follows LTA's successful account-based ticketing pilot in March 2017

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Commuters who use SimplyGo with contactless bank cards will be charged the same fares those who use travel cards, such as EZ-Link and NETS FlashPay cards.

SimplyGo can also be used on NFC-enabled devices with Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay if the commuter’s Mastercard is linked to their mobile device.

LTA said it expects Visa to be included as part of SimplyGo later this year.

LTA said that it will conduct a SimplyGo roadshow with TransitLink and Mastercard where service ambassadors will assist commuters during the initial launch.


Commuters who carry more than one contactless bank card or travel card in their wallet or bag are advised to take out the card they wish to use before tapping it on the fare reader.

“This prevents duplicate fare charges on multiple cards. You may also be denied entry or exit at the train station gantry. Remember to always tap in and out with the same card,” LTA said.

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For commuters who currently use the built-in EZ-Link or NETS FlashPay functionality of their contactless bank cards, they will have to continue performing upfront top-ups before their journey.

“To use SimplyGo with such cards, visit a General Ticketing Machine (GTM) at any MRT or LRT station to switch your card’s payment mode to Mastercard contactless payment. Once the switch is done, all fares paid using this card will be processed, accumulated and charged to your card account,” LTA said.

Source: CNA/zl(rw)


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