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MediShield Life coverage extended to serious pregnancy, delivery-related complications

SINGAPORE: From Apr 1, coverage under the national health insurance scheme MediShield Life will be extended to include inpatient treatment for serious pregnancy and delivery-related complications. 

This is expected to benefit up to 4,000 patients a year, said Senior Minister of State for Health Edwin Tong during the Committee of Supply debate on Wednesday (Mar 6). 

“This will provide more assurance to expectant parents who may face large hospitalisation bills as a result of these complications, he added. 

To alleviate concerns over healthcare expenses related to marriage and parenthood aspirations, the Ministry of Health said last year that it would carry out a review

Following consultations with senior clinicians, the coverage of MediShield Life, which focuses on large hospital bills and selected costly outpatient treatments, will be extended to cover 24 complications. These include eclampsia, cervical incompetency and postpartum haemorrhage, under the existing inpatient claim limits. 


MediShield Life coverage will also be extended to patients who continue their autologous bone marrow transplant treatments, including post-transplant monitoring, for outpatient treatments at approved hospitals. 

This change, aimed at supporting patients in furthering their treatments, will have a claim limit of up to S$6,000 per treatment, said Mr Tong.

“On bone marrow transplants, patients undergoing an autologous bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma used to be admitted for the entire transplant treatment.

“Presently, however, part of that transplant treatment, including conditioning, stem cell infusion and post-transplant monitoring can now be done in an outpatient setting for suitable patients. This potentially shortens the inpatient stays by up to three weeks,” he added.

More than 20 patients a year will likely benefit from the enhancement. Treatment received in the inpatient setting will continue to be claimable under the existing inpatient claim limits, said Mr Tong.

Source: CNA/sk(cy)


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