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Merdeka Generation welcome folders to be mailed out by end-July

Merdeka Generation welcome folders to be mailed out by end-July

Dr Amy Khor (centre left) and Ms Sim Ann (centre right) viewing completed Merdeka Generation welcome folders at Medialink Printing Services on Friday (May 24).

SINGAPORE: Welcome folders will be mailed out to Singaporeans eligible for the Merdeka Generation Package by end-July, said Dr Amy Khor on Friday (May 24). 

The production of the folders began in April and is expected to conclude by July, said Dr Khor, who co-chairs the Merdeka Generation Communications and Engagement Taskforce. 

Dr Khor, who is Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, was speaking to reporters after a visit to Medialink Printing Services, which prints material that will be found in the welcome folders.

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The welcome folders will include details on the Package, a thank you note from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, instructions for redeeming the one-off S$100 top-up for the PAssion Silver cards, as well as a Merdeka Generation card.

By showing their Merdeka Generation cards, seniors will also be able to enjoy greater outpatient subsidies at general practitioner and dental clinics listed under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) from Nov 1.

About 500,000 Singaporean seniors received letters in April informing them of their eligibility for the Merdeka Generation Package. 

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Deliveries of the folders will begin from end-June, said Dr Khor. However, about 80,000 Merdeka Generation citizens will receive their folders earlier, starting Jun 2, at various community events held across Singapore.

"We understand that the Merdeka Generation seniors may be eager to receive the welcome folder. We want to appeal to them to be patient.

"Production of the welcome folders actually requires some time because we personalise each of the Merdeka Generation card by printing the name of the MG seniors on each of the card. 

"We also customise the information in the welcome folder. For instance, (information about) the CHAS general practitioners and dental clinics nearest to the seniors is enclosed in the welcome folder. That is for the convenience," added Dr Khor.

She explained that in an effort to allow citizens to receive Merdeka Generation folders as soon as possible, delivery will commence in tandem with the completion of each batch of folders.

Dr Amy Khor (centre) and Ms Sim Ann (left) viewing the production of Merdeka Generation welcome folders at Medialink Printing Services on Friday (May 24). (Photo: Ministry of Communications and Information)

Ms Sim Ann, who also co-chairs the taskforce, said a learning point from producing the Pioneer Generation folders that was implemented in the Merdeka Generation process was to make sure that folders would better fit letterboxes. 

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"We're in the middle now of making 500,000 welcome packs for MG seniors. From the printing press to the letterbox, many steps and processes are involved. I would say that work is now progressing quite smoothly and on track," said Ms Sim, who is Senior Minister of State at the Ministry of Communications and Information as well as the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Apart from the CHAS benefits, seniors will enjoy an annual S$200 MediSave top-up, automatically credited to their account from July 2019 until 2023. 

Subsidies for MediShield Life premiums will also be effective for policies renewed from Jul 1.

Those who join CareShield Life will get an extra S$1,500 participation incentive when the scheme opens for applications from 2021 to 2023.

Those who join the scheme during this period may receive a total of S$4,000 in participation incentives. This sum will be spread out over 10 years and used to offset their annual CareShield Life premiums.

Source: CNA/aa(hs)


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