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No pork DNA found in halal-certified Li Chuan fish ball products: MUIS

No pork DNA found in halal-certified Li Chuan fish ball products: MUIS

Li Chuan Food Products' cooked fish balls. (Photo: Facebook/Li Chuan Food Products)

SINGAPORE: No traces of porcine DNA were found in products produced by local manufacturer Li Chuan Food Products, said the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) on Friday (Feb 5) after tests were conducted. 

An investigation was launched after MUIS was told by Brunei’s Ministry of Religious Affairs last month that pork DNA had been found in two Li Chuan fish ball and cuttlefish ball products during routine testing. 

The manufacturer, which holds a MUIS halal certificate, was directed to recall the affected products and stop exporting them overseas while investigations were conducted.

“MUIS would like to update that the inspection of the plant found that all requirements of the MUIS halal management system were adhered to, and only approved ingredients were used in the food preparation,” the council said on Friday.

“All the samples collected were tested by three different laboratories, including the National Centre for Food Science under the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). No traces for porcine DNA were found in any of the tests done.”

As part of the investigation, MUIS said it conducted a thorough inspection of the production plant. It also obtained samples from the same batch of Li Chuan products tested by Brunei authorities to send for testing in accredited laboratories.

“In light of these findings, MUIS would like to assure consumers that Li Chuan products in Singapore meet the requirements of halal certification, and we will be allowing the company to resume sales of the product in Singapore,” the council said.

“MUIS will continue our regime of regular inspections of halal-certified premises to ensure that certified establishments continue to uphold the necessary standards and requirements.

“MUIS has instructed Li Chuan to review its supply chain for exports and consult with the relevant authorities to ensure products exported comply with local requirements, before resuming exports.”

It added that it will engage Brunei authorities to seek clarification on the results of their testing.

“Moving forward, MUIS hopes to better coordinate with them on such investigations if future issues arise, to minimise public confusion.”

Source: CNA/kg(gs)


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