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Travel vlogger Nas Daily to build second office in Dubai

Travel vlogger Nas Daily to build second office in Dubai

Screengrab of Nas Daily's latest video about Dubai posted on Facebook.

SINGAPORE: Popular travel vlogger Nuseir Yassin, better known as Nas, said his company will build a second office in Dubai so it can tap into the Middle East market. 

Responding to CNA queries via email on Friday (Oct 16), Mr Yassin said his goal was "to have operations in every country", but keep the company headquarters in Singapore. 

"We are growing fast in Singapore and now we want to build a second office in Dubai for the Middle East market," said the Israeli.

There are 40 employees currently under Nas Studios and Nas Academy in Singapore, said Mr Yassin. 

When asked if he was personally relocating to Dubai, Mr Yassin said he would have two homes instead of one. 

"I’m gonna be one month here, one month there," he wrote.  "To be clear, it’s an expansion. Not a move." 

Last year, Mr Yassin, who is known for his one-minute videos on Facebook page Nas Daily, announced his move to Singapore with his company and his girlfriend Alyne Tamir because he believed "it is the world's best place" for them.

The Nas Daily Facebook page has 17.6 million followers. 

Mr Yassin, who has made several videos on Singapore, has been outspoken about how he is "really fascinated" with Singapore.

Some of his videos have touched on how Singapore's "passport is a lot of people's dream", how "you're not gonna get any road rage" in the country and how its landfills are so "insanely clean" they "almost feel like resorts".

Source: CNA/ad(hs)


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