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FairPrice cuts prices of more than 50 housebrand products; discount for Merdeka Generation shoppers

FairPrice cuts prices of more than 50 housebrand products; discount for Merdeka Generation shoppers

File photo of an NTUC FairPrice outlet. (Photo: FairPrice)

SINGAPORE: Two new initiatives to help alleviate daily living costs for Singaporeans were announced by NTUC FairPrice on Monday (Mar 18).

The first initiative will see the supermarket chain hold the prices of 100 housebrand products from now until Jun 30, 2020. This offer will be extended to all customers, FairPrice announced in Monday's briefing.

Of these 100 products, more than 50 items have already had their prices slashed. This will ensure that all 100 products will be at least 20 per cent cheaper than other comparable leading brands, the company said.

The products were selected based on their popularity with customers, and include items such as daily food staples, toiletries and household cleaning products.

The second initiative will support those from the Merdeka Generation.

Called Merdeka Wednesday, eligible shoppers will receive a 3 per cent discount on all FairPrice purchases when they shop on a Wednesday. The S$2.7 million initiative begins on Jul 1.

The Merdeka Generation refers to anyone born between 1950 and 1959. To qualify, shoppers would need to show their Merdeka Generation cards or a valid ID. This discount will be valid for a year.

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FairPrice CEO Seah Kian Peng emphasised the company’s commitment to providing affordable alternatives for Singaporeans.

“As part of the NTUC group of Social Enterprises serving various purposes for Singaporeans, FairPrice continues to play our part in moderating [the] cost of living,” he said in a statement.

“In addition, we honour our Merdeka Generation by providing additional cost savings for them, while continuing our Pioneer Generation and Seniors’ discount initiatives.”

Mr Seah also hinted at offers that those in the Merdeka Generation can look forward to.

“Other members of the [NTUC group of companies] will also have their own announcements, [and] as a whole, we will be offering a lot of things right around Merdeka Wednesday,” he said.

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The new initiatives come after the Government’s own Merdeka Generation package, which was first discussed during the National Day Rally speech last year. 

The package will be offered to all Singaporeans born in the 1950s, or those born in 1949 and earlier who have previously missed out on the Pioneer Generation Package.

With the Merdeka Generation Package, about 500,000 Singaporeans can expect to receive MediSave top-ups, subsidies for outpatient care and MediShield Life premiums.

Source: CNA/na(mi)


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