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Pipe leak causes water 'fountain' at CTE exit

Pipe leak causes water 'fountain' at CTE exit

The burst pipe did not have an impact on the water supply to residents nearby, said PUB. (Photo: Jamilah Beevi)

SINGAPORE: A pipe burst at a Central Expressway (CTE) exit on Wednesday morning (Oct 24), sending water shooting up several metres into the air.

National water agency PUB said it is investigating the cause of the pipe leak, which happened at around 6.50am at the Cavanagh Road exit of the expressway.

A PUB spokesperson said its crew and contractors responded immediately and isolated the leak at the site. 

"There was no impact on the water supply to residents nearby," the spokesperson said, adding that repair works at the site have been completed. 

PUB said it carries out checks for leaks on its pipe network twice a year, or more frequently where necessary, as part of its operation and maintenance regime. 

"To reduce the risk of pipe leaks, PUB has been laying pipes made of more resilient materials such as ductile iron and steel, and has adopted enhanced pipe-laying practices such as pipe bedding for better pipe support," said the spokesperson.  

"In addition, PUB proactively replaces older pipes or pipes which are in less satisfactory condition under its Pipeline Renewal Programme and is on track to replace 50km of such pipes this year, a 20km increase from last year." 

The spokesperson added that the agency is using analytic techniques to identify and prioritise high-risk pipelines for renewal.

"There are also regulations to ensure that contractors take proper measures to prevent damage to our pipelines during construction activities," she added. 

Source: CNA/ad(cy)


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