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Police investigating report of e-scooter rider who allegedly hit child along Orchard Road

Police investigating report of e-scooter rider who allegedly hit child along Orchard Road

A man argues with an e-scooter rider who reportedly hit his child along Orchard Road. (Photo: Facebook/Andy Yeu Mai)

SINGAPORE: The police said on Saturday (Apr 20) they are investigating a report made against an e-scooter rider who allegedly hit a child along the walkway in front of Orchard Shopping Centre on Friday night.

A video circulating on social media showed a man, who appeared to be the child's father, and an e-scooter rider arguing with each other. A woman can be seen holding the man back, trying to calm him down.

The video also shows three women attending to a boy in a yellow shirt.

The father can be heard saying: "You hit my kid." To which the e-scooter rider replied: "Then you guys should look after your kid."

Facebook user Andy Yeu Mai said that the father of the child had "punched" the e-scooter rider, who "was zooming very fast" along the walkway before he hit the man's child. The accident, he said, happened at about 9pm.

Deliveroo said in response to queries from CNA that the company has a zero-tolerance approach towards those who break the rules of the road and endanger others.

“Deliveroo requires all riders to abide by the local rules and regulations," a spokesperson said.

"We take this extremely seriously and are investigating as a matter of urgency. If a rider has been found to have endangered a pedestrian in this way, we will stop working with them. We will co-operate with the relevant authorities however possible," it said.

It added that Deliveroo riders are required to complete an introductory road safety guidance programme and that it encourages riders to take part in monthly safe riding programmes it organises with the Land Transport Authority.

Source: CNA/jt(aj)


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