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Police investigating after man seen striking security supervisor at Roxy Square

Police investigating after man seen striking security supervisor at Roxy Square

Screengrabs from a video of the incident circulating online.

SINGAPORE: The police are investigating a case in which a man was filmed striking a security supervisor on the face at Roxy Square.

The police said they were alerted to the incident at 50 East Coast Road at about 12.20am on Thursday (Apr 4). The case has been classified as voluntarily causing hurt.

A 47-year-old man is assisting with investigations.

Security service provider Regal Security and Fire Management Services on Friday confirmed the man who was struck was a Mr Andrew Lim, who works for the company as a security supervisor.

A video of the incident circulating on social media shows two men arguing. In the video, Mr Lim can be heard explaining to the other man about the location of the exit doors.

The man uses a vulgar word on Mr Lim and tells him to shut up. The security supervisor replies "can we talk nicely" and offers to show him the exit doors.

After a short exchange of words, the two walk off together, seemingly in the direction of an exit door. As they turn the corner, the man appears to stick out his leg, tripping Mr Lim.

The security supervisor is heard telling the man: "That's it, enough."

The man is then seen striking Mr Lim on the face, knocking his glasses off and causing him to fall to the floor.


Speaking to CNA, Regal Security and Fire Management Services' general manager Mr K Bhaskaran said Mr Lim is currently on medical leave and has to go for a CT scan.

"He's feeling a little bit of pain on his left side. He had a bad fall as well, his glasses were all broken," said Mr Bhaskaran. "The punch was quite a heavy blow on him."

He said that the altercation was filmed by another employee of the security firm, who called the police.

By the time officers arrived, the man filmed striking Mr Lim had already left the scene, said Mr Bhaskaran.

However, he came back to Roxy Square on Friday afternoon to apologise to the supervisor, said Mr Bhaskaran.

"He came in and wanted to apologise, he asked the manager to talk to Andrew. Andrew said, 'no, no apology'," said Mr Bhaskaran. "Then he called me and told me that guy is here, I told him (to) call the police immediately."

The police then came and took a statement, he said.

According to Mr Bhaskaran, the security company will pay Mr Lim's legal and medical fees. He described Mr Lim, who has worked for the firm for two years, as a "very polite and capable guy", and condemned the other man's actions.

"I would say he's a bully. Such a huge-sized guy tackling a 60-year-old man half the size of him, that is why I'm taking this very personal(ly)," he said.

"He's one of my good employees. So I stand by him."

Source: CNA/nc(aj/mi)


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