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PUB to carry out fogging, checks as midges multiply near Pandan Reservoir

PUB to carry out fogging, checks as midges multiply near Pandan Reservoir

File photo of midges, which are commonly mistaken for mosquitos. (Photo: AFP/Robyn Beck)

SINGAPORE: National water agency PUB will carry out inspections and fogging near Pandan Reservoir to control the rising midge population, it said on Thursday (Aug 1). 

"There has been an increase in midges around the HDB blocks near Pandan Reservoir recently due to the hot and wet weather," said PUB in a Facebook post. 

PUB officers carrying out fogging operations near Pandan Reservoir. (Photo: Facebook/PUB)

Midges, which are commonly mistaken for mosquitos, are small insects which exist in and near water bodies. 

"While these midges do not bite or spread diseases, they can be a nuisance when present in large numbers," said PUB. 

"PUB has been closely monitoring the situation and has stepped up measures at the reservoir to control the midge population." 

Such measures include the removal of midge egg masses that are attached to floating structures and rocks along the edges of the reservoir, as well as using biological larvicide in the reservoir to kill the larvae.

Fogging is also being carried out twice daily, in the morning and afternoon, around the reservoir dyke, drains and surrounding vegetation, PUB said.

"Strong spotlights at the Pandan Reservoir pumping station are turned on daily from 7pm to 7am to attract the adult midges and deter them from flying into nearby residential estates," added PUB. 

Additionally, extended fogging will be carried out at nearby HDB void decks and inspection checks will be done at the affected blocks and surrounding areas. 

To facilitate such operations, from Aug 1, Pandan Reservoir and the Amenities Centre toilets will be closed from 6pm to 9am. The second floor of the Amenities Centre will also be closed until further notice. 

Midges, which occur naturally in ponds, waterways and reservoirs, cannot be eradicated completely, said PUB. 

It added that residents may wish to install insect screens across windows and doors to prevent midges from entering their homes. 

Midges in Singapore are more active during the cooler parts of the days, including early mornings and late evenings, according to an FAQ on PUB's website. 

There are approximately 57 species of non-biting midges in Singapore's reservoirs. 

Source: CNA/ad(hm)


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