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BMW driver who went up to 177kmh in illegal race gets jail, fine

BMW driver who went up to 177kmh in illegal race gets jail, fine

File photo of State Courts. (Photo: Xabryna Kek)

SINGAPORE: A man with a history of speeding offences was sentenced to two weeks’ jail, fined S$2,500 and banned from driving for one-and-half years for taking part in an illegal race two years ago.

Chua Dong Cheng, 40, had gone up to 177kmh in his blue BMW in a race against a white BMW along Lim Chu Kang Road past midnight on Jul 9, 2017.

His co-accused, 40-year-old Wan Tat Mun, had sped up to 179kmh, the court heard. This was more than double the speed limit of 70kmh.

Both men made illegal U-turns after the junction of Old Lim Chu Kang Road and were travelling on Lim Chu Kang Road towards Jalan Bahar.

At the sounding of a horn, they accelerated vigorously and attempted to overtake each other at high speeds while other vehicles were on the road.

They were stopped by traffic police soon after and both vehicles were found with tampered or modified exhaust pipes and silencers.

Chua’s car also had a cooling mist system with a water injection tank, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Jaime Pang.

Footage of the race captured on Chua’s in-car camera was seized and played in court.

Chua pleaded guilty to one count of illegal racing and another of dangerous driving by speeding.

The prosecution listed his history of more than 10 traffic offences to the court - dating from 2002, with the most recent in February 2017, when he was fined S$170 for speeding.

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Chua’s lawyer Cory Wong told the court that his client was remorseful and that his previous offences had not included illegal racing.

The two BMWs have been seized. The case against Chua’s co-accused is pending.

Source: CNA/ic(hm)


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