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Singapore People's Party chairman Jose Raymond to retire from politics

Singapore People's Party chairman Jose Raymond to retire from politics

Singapore People's Party (SPP) chairman Jose Raymond, who is contesting in Potong Pasir SMC, speaks to CNA on Jun 30, 2020. (Photo: Try Sutrisno Foo)

SINGAPORE: Singapore People's Party (SPP) chairman Jose Raymond announced on Tuesday (Dec 22) that he is leaving politics to focus on expanding his business. 

In a Facebook post, Mr Raymond thanked his supporters and his team of volunteers for their efforts during the 2020 General Election. 

"My team and I fought with lots of heart, and kept going because of how you responded," he said. 

Mr Raymond said the time has come for him to focus on things that will help him "create impact in other ways, to help others in different ways" and to take his firm regional.

He is the chief strategy officer of SW Strategies, a strategy advisory firm which he started in 2016. 

Mr Raymond said in his Facebook post that he has been wanting to take the firm regional since starting the firm and that the Malaysian chapter was added in 2019. 

Speaking to CNA, Mr Raymond said he submitted his resignation letter last Thursday, adding that he plans to have the "third chapter" of his company either in Jakarta or Bangkok. 

"My mission to serve others still remains, I can do (so) in many other ways. I will be able to continuing serving people just not in the political arena and political areas," said Mr Raymond.

SPP said its central executive committee (CEC) has received Mr Raymond's resignation letter and that it will make a decision at its next CEC meeting. 

Mr Raymond became SPP chairman last November, taking over from Mrs Lina Chiam, the wife of opposition stalwart Chiam See Tong. 

He contested in the Potong Pasir Single Member Constituency (SMC) for the first time in the 2020 General Election in July. He lost the seat to Potong Pasir MP Sitoh Yih Pin of the People's Action Party (PAP), who won 60.69 per cent of the vote. 

"My respect to the many of you from both sides of the political aisle, for putting in the years into what you truly believe in," said Mr Raymond.

Source: CNA/lk(hs)


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