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PUB removes 140 stingrays from Lower Peirce Reservoir, reopens fishing grounds

PUB removes 140 stingrays from Lower Peirce Reservoir, reopens fishing grounds

PUB has reopened the designated fishing grounds at Lower Peirce Reservoir. (Photo: Facebook/Public Utilities Board)

SINGAPORE: The fishing grounds at Lower Peirce Reservoir have been reopened after about 140 venomous stingrays were removed from the reservoir, national water agency PUB said on Monday (Jan 7).

After reported sightings of Motoro stingrays, also known as Potamotrygonidae motoro, in December, all fishing activities were suspended and designated fishing grounds at Lower Peirce Reservoir and Upper Seletar Reservoir were closed until further notice.

The fishing grounds at Upper Seletar Reservoir remain closed.

In its latest statement on Facebook, PUB advised the public to "exercise caution" and not to enter the water while fishing. Motoro stingrays have a venomous sting.

"As bottom dwellers, stingrays are able to camouflage well against the reservoir bed, making them hard to spot," PUB wrote.

"These stingrays can also breed in large numbers, hence it is an ongoing process to remove them."

Motoro stingrays, found in rivers in South America, are not native to Singapore. They are sold in Singapore and are popular aquarium pets.

According to PUB, it is an offence to release any animal or fish into the reservoirs and waterways. 

"PUB will step up surveillance and will take enforcement action against those caught releasing animals into the reservoirs," it added.

In 2017, a man was fined S$2,600 after he released three Motoro stingrays into Lower Seletar Reservoir.

Source: CNA/nh(hm)


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