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Teenager jailed for filming other male students showering, engaging in sex acts

Teenager jailed for filming other male students showering, engaging in sex acts

Photo illustration of a voyeur filming in a toilet.

SINGAPORE: While studying for his A-Level examinations, a teenager filmed multiple clips of his male schoolmates showering, in the toilet or engaging in sex acts.

Tang Jiasheng, 19, was given three months and two weeks' jail on Monday (May 17), along with a fine of S$1,500. He pleaded guilty to eight charges of voyeurism and offences under the Films Act, with another 35 charges considered in sentencing.

The court heard that Tang, a China national, was in Singapore on a student pass at the time of the offences. Then 18, he was studying at a private school and living in the school's hostel.

Between October 2019 and March 2021, he filmed multiple male students at the hostel during their private moments.

One of the victims was in a toilet at the hostel on Jan 19, 2020, when Tang entered the stall next to him. Upon realising there was someone there, Tang placed his phone in recording mode and began filming the victim through the gap at the bottom of the stalls.

The victim realised that someone was filming him while he was showering and reported the incident to hostel management. The police came and initially suspected Tang's roommate. 

In the next few days, Tang continued to film other male students at the school, until his roommate was cleared as nothing incriminating was found on him.

A member of the hostel management team tracked down Tang on Jan 22, 2020, and called him into her office. She found a hidden folder in Tang's device containing 39 video clips of male students showering, urinating or masturbating. Another two clips were of Tang himself.

Tang admitted to the police that he had been recording videos at the school. He also admitted to an Institute of Mental Health doctor that he filmed male victims at a junior college in 2019 until he was caught. He was not reported to the police then.

He said he filmed the male students because it "aroused him as he could be able to see parts of his victims which they would not reveal".

He also told police that he got "a thrill from doing something which he knew was wrong and illegal".

Even after he was charged in court and released on bail, Tang continued his crimes, secretly filming a student showering in the hostel in March 2021.


Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En asked that Tang be fined and jailed for at least three months and two weeks.

"This is a case involving a recalcitrant accused who had repeatedly filmed other male students in their private moments whilst showering, urinating, defecating, and even when masturbating," he said, adding that Tang did so to gratify himself sexually.

"The accused did so whilst reprehensibly violating the privacy of these male victims, whom as foreign students deserved a safe space in the hostel, which would have been their home away from home."

He said Tang has no local roots and cannot be a candidate for probation or reformative training. 

"Whilst a term of imprisonment might seem harsh for a young offender such as the accused, it is the only viable option," said Mr Chong.

The defence said Tang has sought medical treatment of his own volition for a mental condition, but the prosecutor said no contributory link was found to the offences.

The judge told Tang to continue his treatment once he is released from jail, as he will be dealt with under the relevant laws if he reoffends.

Source: CNA/ll(cy)


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