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Penalties for traffic offences in Silver Zones and School Zones to be increased: MHA

SINGAPORE: The penalties for motorists who commit offences at crossings or offences that endanger pedestrian safety in Silver Zones will be increased to better protect elderly pedestrians, announced Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan on Monday (Mar 1).  

Silver Zones, introduced in 2014, are areas with a large population of senior citizens. 

Speaking at the Committee of Supply debate on Monday (Mar 1), Mr Tan said similar measures will be put in place for School Zones to protect students. The Ministry of Home Affairs is completing its review and will announce details later this year, he added. 

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Addressing MP Patrick Tay’s (PAP-Pioneer) concerns about the need for greater traffic safeguards, Mr Tan said road safety has improved in general, with the number of road traffic fatalities decreasing in the past decade. 

But the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) agrees that “every accident is one too many”, he added. 

MHA has also been studying whether drivers in financial difficulty can be allowed to pay their road traffic fines in instalments, said Mr Tan, addressing MP Faisal Manap’s (WP-Aljunied) question on the matter. 

Currently for “genuine cases” of financial difficulty, if the individual appeals to the traffic police and the appeal is assessed to be “meritorious”, the Traffic Police will extend their deadline for the traffic fine, he added. 

Source: CNA/gs(db)


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