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Travel vlogger Nas Daily to move to Singapore

Travel vlogger Nas Daily to move to Singapore

Video bloggers Nuseir Yassin (left), or Nas, and Alyne Tamir. (Photo: Facebook/Nas Daily)

SINGAPORE: Popular travel vlogger Nuseir Yassin, better known as Nas, said on Wednesday (Mar 20) that he will move to Singapore next month.

The Israeli-Palestinian, who is known for his one-minute videos on Facebook page Nas Daily, said he is choosing to move to Singapore with his company and his girlfriend Alyne Tamir because he believes "it is the world's best place" for them.

"There are many reasons why I chose Singapore over other places. But mainly due to my belief that this part of Asia might be the new America," Mr Yassin announced on Instagram.

"Singapore is the world’s most expensive city, but I also think it’s the world’s best place for our purposes: to live and to build up the Nas Daily Media Company," he added.

He did not commit to a fixed timeframe for his stay in Singapore, saying that it could be "two months or two years or twenty. Nobody knows".

The Nas Daily Facebook page has 12.4 million followers.

A screengrab of Nas Daily's Instagram post showing his announcement regarding his move to Singapore.

Mr Yassin's announcement came several hours after Ms Tamir, who is also a video content creator, revealed their plans on her Instagram page.

In her post, Ms Tamir - who publishes videos on Facebook under Dear Alyne - described Singapore as the "hub of Asia and arguably a major hub of the world".

Mr Yassin, who has made several videos on Singapore, has been outspoken about how he is "really fascinated" with Singapore.

Some of his videos have touched on how Singapore's "passport is a lot of people's dream", how "you're not gonna get any road rage" in the country and how its landfills are so "insanely clean" they "almost feel like resorts".

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The positive nature of the video clips - as well as the appearance of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his video The Almost Perfect Country in September last year - has attracted some criticism.

"Whenever I promote a country, a product or a company, people assume and ask: 'how much did you get paid for this? credibility lost!' he said in a post in September last year.

"97% of the time the answer is $0. In fact, I PAID to do it," he added.

On Jan 5, Mr Yassin announced “the end” of his one-minute clips. 

In a clip marking 1,000 days of his one-minute video a day series, he said: "It’s been an honour showing up on your feed everyday. This isn’t goodbye. This is see you later. I’ll be back with more videos. But not everyday and not one minute,” he said.

“For now, Chapter one is over. I’ll miss you," he added.

Travel vlogger Nuseir Yassin during the Singapore Media Festival 2018. (Image: SMF 2018)

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said on Thursday that it welcomes content creators from around the world. 

"Singapore is well-positioned as a hub to access new markets and opportunities in Asia," said a spokesperson. 

"We welcome content creators from around the world to participate in Singapore’s vibrant infocomm and media ecosystem and create innovative content for global audiences.” 

Last year, Mr Yassin participated in SMF Ignite, an event by the Singapore Media Festival (SMF). He led a workshop for three Singapore online content creators and shared tips on storyboarding and content creation. 

Source: CNA/na(aj)/zl


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