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Two men taken to hospital after accident along Shenton Way

Two men taken to hospital after accident along Shenton Way

Two men were taken to Singapore General Hospital. (Photo: Joris Knetsch)

SINGAPORE: A 66-year-old bus passenger and a 47-year-old car driver were taken to the hospital after they were involved in an accident along Shenton Way on Sunday (Apr 19) afternoon. 

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it responded to the road traffic accident at the junction of Shenton Way and Keppel Road at about 12.40pm.

One person was trapped and had to be rescued with hydraulic tools, SCDF said.

Both men were conscious when they were taken to Singapore General Hospital, the police added. 

The accident happened at the junction of Shenton Way and Keppel Road. (Photo: Joris Knetsch).

Photos sent by CNA reader Joris Knetsch showed the front of a black car that appeared to be smashed, with parts of the vehicle dislodged and scattered on the road. The car was in front of a SBS Transit bus that also sustained damage to its body.

Mr Knetsch said it took between 10 to 15 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. The fire engine arrived about five minutes after that. 

"A Service 30 bus was travelling straight on green light along Keppel Road when a car suddenly shot out and cut into its lane. This resulted in a collision and a bus passenger was injured," said SBS Transit's senior vice-president of corporate communications Ms Tammy Tan.

The bus company is in contact with the injured bus passenger "to assist as best (as) we can", she added.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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Source: CNA/rp


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