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Woman involved in Hari Raya revenge attack that left two with burns pleads guilty

Woman involved in Hari Raya revenge attack that left two with burns pleads guilty

The trio attacked a man and his sister at a flat in Spooner Road in July 2018. (Screengrabs: YouTube/Fiona Poh)

SINGAPORE: A woman pleaded guilty on Thursday (Jan 3) to her involvement in a revenge attack on two siblings that left them with second-degree burns from having scalding hot water splashed on them.

Part-time cleaner Nurhanifah Juma'at, 27, carried out the attack with her friend Norhayati Jaffar and Norhayati's brother Muhammad Bakhtiyar Jaffar, the court heard.

Norhayati wanted to take revenge on 27-year-old Muhammad Faizal Omar, after watching a video clip that showed another one of her brothers being assaulted by Faizal and his relatives.

Faizal’s 25-year-old sister Nur Farahtika Omar was also seen in the video, which was shown to Norhayati at a Hari Raya celebration on Jul 7 last year.

Norhayati hatched a plan to invite Faizal and his sister to her home that very day, under the guise of a Hari Raya celebration. She then told Nurhanifah about her plans and asked her to film the assault.

Nurhanifah agreed as she had also watched the video of the alleged assault on Norhayati's brother, whom she treated like a brother.

While waiting for Faizal and Farahtika to arrive at the Spooner Road flat, Nurhanifah boiled water in an electric kettle on Norhayati's instructions. 

The victims arrived past midnight on Jul 8 with two friends. Norhayati then locked the gate and the assault began.

She repeatedly hit Farahtika with a bamboo stick and stomped on her stomach, while Nurhanifah filmed the assault on her phone, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sheryl Yeo said.

Norhayati grabbed a jug of hot water and poured it on Farahtika's neck, back and ear, before striking her neck with the jug.

Farahtika managed to escape with the two friends, leaving her brother behind.

Faizal was repeatedly pummelled and kicked by Bakhtiyar. Norhayati joined her brother in the assault, hitting Faizal repeatedly with the bamboo stick. She then poured hot water on him.

He managed to escape the flat and Norhayati went looking for him, with Nurhanifah filming the search.

The video Nurhanifah took went viral online. She admitted to her involvement in the attack and is the first of the three to plead guilty.

She will be back in court for mitigation and sentencing next week.

Source: CNA/ll(hs)


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