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Worm coming out from your tap? Impossible, says PUB

Worm coming out from your tap? Impossible, says PUB

File picture of tap water. (Photo: AFP/VOISHMEL)

SINGAPORE: PUB said on Friday (Dec 21) that it is not possible for there to be worms in tap water, in an attempt to reassure the public about the quality of Singapore’s drinking water.

PUB’s statement follows reports of an Ang Mo Kio resident who claimed to have found a worm in tap water.

“It is not possible for worms to be present in tap water,” PUB said in statement on Facebook, citing “a rigorous, multi-barrier water treatment process”.

“We would like to assure the public that we maintain high standards for our drinking water.”


The national water agency said that when PUB and Ang Mo Kio Town Council checked the resident’s unit, they observed that water from the taps in the unit, the water tank as well as PUB’s water supply main, was clean and clear.

“Water samples collected from various points also showed that the water quality was satisfactory. There were no signs of worms at all water points, water tanks and the pump room,” PUB said.

It added that the resident’s tap is fitted with a constant flow regulator, which has tiny holes. As the diameter of a worm is larger than the holes in the flow regulator, it would not have been possible for a worm to pass through, it said.

PUB also highlighted the water quality monitoring programme it has in place to ensure it “only delivers good and clean drinking water to all customers”.  

“Water supply is delivered to customers through pressurised mains. For high rise buildings, residents may receive water that has been pumped into the high level water tanks that are fully enclosed and securely locked,” PUB said.

“It is not likely for worms to make its way into these pressurised mains and enclosed systems, and be present in the tap water,” it added.


Source: CNA/aj


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