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Former Zam Zam restaurant boss given new charges for offences allegedly committed while on bail

Former Zam Zam restaurant boss given new charges for offences allegedly committed while on bail

Zackeer Abbass Khan leaving the State Courts on Mar 6, 2020. (Photo: TODAY/Yong Jun Yuan)

SINGAPORE: The former boss of popular North Bridge Road restaurant Zam Zam has been given fresh charges of committing a rash act and criminal intimidation.

These were offences he allegedly committed while on bail, pending an appeal after being sentenced for  hiring a hitman to slash a rival from next-door Victory restaurant.

Zackeer Abbass Khan, 50, was given the two charges on Tuesday (Oct 27) and remanded.

He is accused of criminally intimidating Mr Amir Norman Halim on Oct 24 at 719 North Bridge Road.

According to charge sheets, he said: “Why you fight Habeeb? If you fight again, I poke your eye. If you love your family, you work properly. If not you see I kill you. I am not afraid, if I kill you. Because I already going in. If you fight again, in 2 days, you see I kill you.”

At about the same time that day, Khan is accused of committing a rash act by swerving his car towards Mr Amir before braking, forcing him to take a step back.

Khan told the court that he had been on bail for five years, adding that he has five young children.

“I didn’t reoffend,” he said. “I was just driving my vehicle. I have been wrongfully accused. I have a heart problem. I have two stents in my heart. It’s just one month after my operation.”

The judge ordered no bail for Khan. He will return to court next month.

Khan had been sentenced in May to six years’ jail and six strokes of the cane, after contesting charges in a trial.

He was found guilty of criminal intimidation and of conspiring with several others to have Victory restaurant supervisor Liakath Ali Mohamed Ibrahim slashed and scarred.

The case is pending appeal in the High Court.

Source: CNA/dv(gs)


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