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Football: Barcelona to delay wage payments amid 'worrying' financial situation

Football: Barcelona to delay wage payments amid 'worrying' financial situation

Barcelona's Lionel Messi scores their third goal from the penalty spot. (Photo: REUTERS/Albert Gea)

MADRID: Barcelona's interim president Carlos Tusquets has said that the club will delay players' wage payments scheduled for January amid what he described as a worrying financial situation.

The Catalan club's finances have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis.

Last week Barca announced they had reached an agreement with the first-team squad for a wage cut in a bid to fall in line with new La Liga salary caps.

"In January we can't make salary payments ...," Tusquets told the RAC1 radio station.

"The players have two salary payments: one in January and another in July. We've delayed the January payment and other payments, such as bonuses for winning trophies."

Tusquets gave no indication of when the delayed payments would be made.

He did, however, say that the club's financial situation could be managed through to the end of the season, and that things will change when fans are allowed back into their Camp Nou stadium.

"The agreement we've reached will allow us to get through to the end of the season without any treasury issues. This season is saved," he said.

"The economic situation is worrying. It's very bad, but we've got hope. When the ground is opened up, we'll take in €220 million (US$268 million) without doing anything, and that goes up to 320 million thanks to the sponsors.

"Meanwhile, we keep having to spend money. It's a horrible situation but when the stadium is back in play, we'll start to recoup money."

Source: Reuters


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