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Italian Federal Prosecutor opens investigation into Serie A transfers

MILAN: The Federal Prosecutor has opened an investigation into a number of soccer player transfers in Serie A, an Italian Football Federation official told Reuters.

A report by the COVISOC, the Supervisory Commission for Serie A clubs, into player trading activity has been carried out and been submitted to the Federal Prosecutor, who has opened an investigation.

Two Italian newspapers, La Repubblica and Il Tempo, said that the report has looked into 62 player transfers that took place between 2019 and 2021.

Capital gains through exchange deals have been discussed in Italy in recent years, due to the difficulty of establishing a precise market value for players who are included in swap deals.

According to Italian media reports, the Federal Prosecutor is investigating the possibility of inflated valuations to help clubs balance their books.

It is alleged that Juventus' transfer activity is being scrutinised more than most, with Gazzetta dello Sport claiming 42 of the deals being looked into involve Serie A's most successful team.

Juventus revealed last month that the Italian market regulator CONSOB is looking into revenue they received from player trading activity.

The authority obtained documentation "concerning revenue stemming from player trading activity," without providing further details.

Juventus declined to comment when approached by Reuters for their views on the latest investigation.

Source: Reuters


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