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Olympics-Tokyo-It's Wonderwall for Britain's new golden girl Shriever

TOKYO: Few outside her family, friends and the tight-knit world of BMX racing would have heard of Bethany Shriever 24 hours ago but after winning gold in Tokyo on Friday she had Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher as a new fan.

"Bethany Shriever what a ledge, well done," Gallagher wrote on Twitter after the 22-year-old from London's east end won her country's first ever gold medal in BMX.

"Respect to all BMX folk," Gallagher, whose former band Oasis had a platinum single with Wonderwall, added.

There were amazing scenes as Shriever, who once had to Crowdfund her career because of a lack of funding, crossed the line ahead of Colombian great Mariana Pajon.

Shriever collapsed to the track and was then lifted high by team mate and fellow Londoner Kye Whyte, who minutes earlier took silver.

Asked about Gallagher's message Shriever said: "That is absolutely crazy. I cannot believe it.

"I've just seen it. Someone said Liam Gallagher is tweeting about it. That is just absolutely crazy.

"The fact that we are getting more exposure for the sport, especially in Great Britain, is amazing. The more we can get out there, it does wonders for the sport."

(Reporting by Martyn Herman; Editing by Ken Ferris)

Source: Reuters


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