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Tennis: US Open prize money rises to record US$57.5 million

Tennis: US Open prize money rises to record US$57.5 million

General view of Arthur Ashe Stadium at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. (Photo: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)

LONDON: Players at the 2021 US Open will compete for a record US$57.5 million in prize money and compensation when the tournament begins Monday (Aug 24).

The USTA, ATP and WTA agreed to the prize structure, which actually decreases the winnings of the men's and women's singles champions from US$3 million to US$2.5 million and the runners-up to US$1.25 million.

There's a tradeoff, however. Now, the US Open qualifying tournament will have nearly US$6 million in prize money - up 66 per cent from 2009. Players competing in the first round will receive US$75,000, a hike of 23 per cent.

"We determined our round-by-round prize money allocations by engaging in an open dialog with the players and the management of both tours," said Stacey Allaster, the US Open tournament director, in a news release. "We applaud their collective leadership in directing the 2021 US Open prize money to benefit the maximum number of players."

Round-by-round individual prize money for the US Open:


Winner: US$2.5 million

Runner-Up: US$1.25 million

Semifinalist: US$675,000

Quarterfinalist: US$425,000

Round of 16: US$265,000

Round of 32: US$180,000

Round of 64: US$115,000

Round of 128: US$75,000

Doubles (each team)

Winner: US$660,000

Runner-Up: US$330,000

Semifinalist: US$164,000

Quarterfinalist: US$93,000

Round of 16: US$54,000

Round of 32: US$34,000

Round of 64: US$20,000

Prize money also is increasing for competitors in the mixed doubles and wheelchair categories.

The Open is scheduled to run through Sep 12.

Source: Reuters


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