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Switching up to sustainability

Electricity retailer iSwitch helps consumers reduce their electricity bills with green-certified carbon-neutral electricity.

Switching up to sustainability

Electricity retailer iSwitch has helped over 100,000 commercial and residential customers save on electricity costs. Photo: Shutterstock

For savvy consumers looking to get more bang for their buck, iSwitch is offering the chance to save money while protecting the environment with a variety of carbon-neutral electricity plans.

A licensed electricity retailer in Singapore, iSwitch has helped over 100,000 commercial and residential customers save over S$120million on electricity costs, as well as more than 150,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of carbon emissions. To date, a substantial proportion of   households and businesses that have signed up with the retailer are enjoying carbon-neutral electricity. This has been a pleasant surprise.

“The iSwitch community believes in maintaining a positive, sustainable and healthy future. One way to realise that approach is to provide our customers with the opportunity to choose to make a difference. Being an electricity retailer who manages your domestic and business energy needs, we can provide a green energy solution, which promotes investment in renewable assets,” said Mr Andrew Koscharsky, chief commercial officer of iSwitch.

“We also promote sustainable energy awareness because we have seen the benefits this brings in other parts of the world. The iSwitch social licence to operate revolves around helping Singaporeans maintain this important journey,” he added.

How can switching to an electricity retailer like iSwitch save you money?

The company offers carbon-neutral plans through its iSwitch2Green scheme, which enables consumers to offset their carbon emissions footprint generated by their electricity use. iSwitch does this by purchasing UN Certified Carbon Credits at no additional charge to its residential customers.

It estimates each customer’s carbon emissions impact based on their electricity usage, and then purchases United Nations-certified carbon credits on their behalf. These credits help support audited and verified sustainability projects that reduce the amount of CO2 globally. The amount of pollution that was offset is then reported on customers’ monthly bills.

No additional costs are imposed on the customer as it is absorbed into the electricity rate, which still remains lower than regulated electricity tariff.

iSwitch is able to do this economically because the firm is not subjected to the large cost overheads that traditional utilities have to bear. 

 MAKING THE SWITCH, CUTTING COSTS                                        

Cutting your power bills with iSwitch couldn’t be simpler thanks to an online application process that can be completed in a few minutes. A dedicated iSwitch team works with SP Services to ensure a seamless and fuss-free transfer. All you have to do is check your eligibility and choose from the electricity retailer’s wide range of competitively-priced plans designed to suit all household needs.   

“Our goal is to empower consumer choice—to give consumers more options to better manage their energy costs. We also have an in-house experienced customer service team that is dedicated to making it easier for our customers,” said Mr Koscharsky.

After signing up, customers can use the iSwitch Self Service Portal & Mobile App to track their energy savings every month, manage their bills, and refer their friends, among other activities.

iSwitch has also supported many businesses and organisations in Singapore in their efforts to enjoy cheaper and cleaner electricity. In 2017 for instance, it helped Vagabond and Six Senses Hotel Group become the first energy carbon neutral hotels in Singapore. Similarly, iSwitch helped Dulwich College Singapore  in 2018 become the first school here to fully offset their electricity-related carbon emissions.


Customers enjoy the same reliable energy supply as they always have, but at a lower price. This is because under Singapore’s Open Electricity Market, SP Group continues to operate the national power grid and deliver electricity to everyone, regardless of who they buy their electricity from.

And if you are eligible for U-Save rebates, you will still be able to use them to offset your electricity bill even after switching to iSwitch.

Said Mr Koscharsky: “We have worked closely with the Energy Market Authority over the past five years to help create a fair and transparent energy ecosystem, which supports low energy pricing and job creation.”

Visit iSwitch to find out more about how you can start saving.


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