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ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs)

22:20 Min
ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs)

ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs) - S1: GKR Hayu (Indonesia)

02 Mar 2017 09:30pm
Game developer, techie, royalty. Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hayu defies the conventional expectations of a Princess. Breaking gender and hierarchial stereotypes in her wake, follow her unorthodox journey as she builds on her family's legacy in one of the world's oldest Kingdoms - Yogyakarta.
About the Show

Ten young individuals, from royal princess, to pop icon, puppet artist and a scientist who’s turning science fiction into reality. Innovative, engaging and amazing under 40-year-olds who are primed to be ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs).
Produced in each of the 10 nations of ASEAN, this half-hour series is a story of change that’s being brought about by young Southeast Asian men and women.
Starting in the Philippines and ending in Indonesia, each episode delves into the person’s psyche to understand the inspiration, struggles and impact of their work, with insights as well into the cities, towns and communities that they are changing.
This series will give a first-hand look into the life of each ANGeL and how each is bringing change to society, ASEAN and even the world, in a different way.

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