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Breaking The Silence

22:58 Min
Breaking The Silence

Breaking The Silence - S1E2: Stronger Than You Think

03 Jun 2022 09:30pm

In this concluding episode, we learn how 3 young Singaporeans cast aside stigma and sought the help that allowed them to take the first steps towards healing and recovery.

About the Show

1 in 5 Singaporeans between the ages 18-34 years old will have faced a mental health issue in their lifetime. But even with increased awareness today, the stigma around mental health conditions remains, and recognising the signs and triggers, still a challenge.

This 2-part series goes into the complex, and often lonely, world of mental health struggles through the stories of 3 youths who have bravely taken the step to break the silence on their experience. In sharing what they went through – from the years of distress to finally seeking help, the setbacks they faced to their ongoing efforts to rise above their illness – they shine an intimate light on what it means to battle for their mental health.


Brought to you by Temasek Foundation. 

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