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Innovating For The Future

46:18 Min
Innovating for the Future

Innovating for the Future - S1E9: Education

29 Jun 2022 08:00pm

NUS wants to make education more inclusive and accessible, to nurture future-ready students by providing a broad-based curriculum, interdisciplinary courses and lifelong learning opportunities.

About the Show

For over a century, NUS has been the place where many have gained knowledge, found inspiration, discovered their passions, developed their talents and much more. Today, it is Singapore’s flagship university and Asia’s best, having nurtured generations of leaders and luminaries across multiple professions and sectors in Singapore and beyond. In this series, we feature NUS’ thriving communities of academics, researchers, students and alumni from different fields and disciplines who are working to catalyse change and uplift lives in areas ranging from medicine to entrepreneurship, environment to finance, food to public health, innovation and research to ageing and education. We show how these innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders are taking on many of the world’s challenges in service to society.

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