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Why It Matters

04:17 Min
Why It Matters

Why It Matters: How close are we to living in the metaverse?

26 Jan 2022 10:37pm

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the only one planning on building a metaverse. Long before Facebook rebranded, other tech organisations had already embarked on the race to build the tools and infrastructure that would allow us to experience virtual universes. So how close are we to being able to step into a fully immersive metaverse today? We asked a few players in the game to show us where they’re at.

About the Show

The future is here. And it’s getting more complicated.

To help make sense of it all, host Joshua Lim returns with a brand-new season of Why It Matters.

From cheating death, to imitating nature, to roaming the brave new world of the metaverse, our inquisitive host explores the emerging technologies and trends on the horizon that would transform our lives.

Join him as he helps us decode the future, and uncover what matters in our increasingly complex world and why it matters.

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