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Fundraising lifts Democrats in final weeks of US election campaign

Fundraising lifts Democrats in final weeks of US election campaign

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden delivers remarks on a Vision for Older Americans event at the Southwest Focal Point Community Center, in Pembroke Pines, Florida, on Oct 13, 2020. (Photo: REUTERS/Tom Brenner)

NEW YORK: Democrats hoping to capture the U.S. presidency and the Senate have seen a wave of cash from small donors come their way in the final months before the Nov. 3 election.

The Democratic fundraising organization ActBlue reported on Thursday that it collected US$1.5 billion on its online platform from July to September, the most it has ever raised in a quarter.

By comparison, WinRed, a major Republican fundraising platform, said on Monday that its platform collected US$623.5 million in the third quarter.

The Democratic sum includes donations made to several groups and political candidates as well as the presidential campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, who looks poised to head into the closing weeks of the race with a financial advantage.

"We've raised more money than I ever thought we could," Biden told donors at a fundraising event on Thursday.

Biden's campaign reported on Wednesday that he and his party raised US$383 million in September, a likely record for a presidential campaign that lifted the amount it has to spend to US$432 million.

Republican President Donald Trump, who faces Biden in the White House race, has not yet reported a comparable figure.

The president's campaign and the Republican National Committee pulled in US$210 million in August. As of Aug 31, Democrats had US$466 million available to spend on the presidential race, compared with US$325 million for Republicans.

Democratic fundraising was boosted after Biden's selection of US Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate in August and later by the first televised presidential debate and the death of liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The biggest day of fundraising during the quarter on ActBlue's platform was Sep 19, the day after Ginsburg's death, when groups on ActBlue collected US$70.6 million.

Source: Reuters


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