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Medical worker on trial in Germany for six murders

Medical worker on trial in Germany for six murders

Polish healthcare assistant Grzegorz Stanislaw W (C) is lead into the courtroom by police at the start of his trial on Nov 26, 2019 at court in Munich, Germany. (Photo: AFP/DPA/Peter Kneffel)

BERLIN: A Polish healthcare assistant accused of killing six people under his care with insulin overdoses went on trial in Germany on Tuesday (Nov 26). 

The case has brought back memories of Niels Hoegel, a German nurse sentenced to life in prison earlier this year for murdering 85 patients.

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The defendant on trial in Munich, who has been named by prosecutors only as Grzegorz Stanislaw W, 38, is also accused of three attempted murders.

The man had access to insulin because he has diabetes - unlike his patients. 

He has also been charged on multiple counts of stealing from his victims.

The man worked for at least 69 families, leading to media speculation that more victims could be found.

The trial is scheduled to last until May 2020.

Hoegel, believed to be Germany's most prolific serial killer, murdered patients with lethal injections between 2000 and 2005, before he was eventually caught in the act.

Source: AFP/ad


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