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Liverpool star Mo Salah turns back to check on boy who ran into lamp-post

Liverpool star Mo Salah turns back to check on boy who ran into lamp-post

Mo Salah with 11-year-old Louis Fowler, who had a bloody nose after crashing into a lamp-post while running after the football star. (Photo: Twitter/Joe Cooper)

A young boy who injured himself while trying to catch a glimpse of football star Mo Salah was thrilled when the Liverpool legend turned back to check on him.

Louis Fowler, 11, and his 10-year-old brother Isaac were waiting outside Liverpool’s training ground at Melwood on Saturday (Aug 10) to catch a glimpse of the team’s players, the Liverpool Echo newspaper reported.

When Salah’s Bentley pulled out, the two boys ran after the car waving at him, the report said. But Louis crashed into a lamp-post and fell to the ground with a bloody nose.

Neighbours then brought the two boys back to the street where they live, just opposite the training ground, and their stepfather Joe Cooper called for an ambulance.

But instead of driving off, Salah turned his car around and returned to check on Louis.

Liverpool star Mo Salah with 10-year-old Isaac Fowler. (Photo: Twitter/Joe Cooper)

"The kids were screaming with excitement as he got out of the car and Isaac went into hysterics and hugged him,” Sky News quoted Mr Cooper as saying. "Mo was very apologetic and caring and was really compassionate towards the boys and made them feel so much better."

The footballer then posed for photos with the boys, which Mr Cooper posted on his Twitter page.

“Thank you for coming back to check on my boys after Louis KO’d himself trying to get a wave! He loves you so much and the pain went away instantly when you came to give them a hug,” he wrote.

Louis was taken to a hospital to be checked over following the incident, and had to have his nose reset.

But to Louis, it was “well worth it” and he “would do it 100 times over”, Mr Cooper said.

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