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US woman reunited with missing dog after 12 years

US woman reunited with missing dog after 12 years

Katheryn Strang is reunited with her toy fox terrier Dutchess at Humane Animal Rescue on Oct 11, 2019 in Pittsburgh. (Photo: Steve Mellon/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via AP)

ORLANDO: A woman in the United States was reunited with her dog on Friday (Oct 11) after it went missing for 12 years. 

Katheryn Strang's fox terrier Dutchess was found under a shed in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania - about 1,600km from where it was last seen in Orlando, reported the Washington Post. 

When Dutchess went missing, Strang made "lost dog" posters and made daily trips to the local shelter for months in hopes of finding her pet. 

The 14-year-old Dutchess, who was found shivering on Friday, was brought to shelter Humane Animal Rescue where a microchip scan linked the dog to Strang. 

In a video posted on Facebook by the shelter, Strang is seen crying as an employee handed her the dog. 

"Dutchess. Hi baby, I missed you," says Strang in the video. 

While the fox terrier was hungry, shaking and "in serious need of a nail trim", it was in pretty good shape, said Human Animal Rescue admission counselor Torin Fisher. 

The animal was also “a little nervous about the situation, which, who could blame her?” said Fisher, as reported by the Washington Post. 

Strang said she had always had hopes that Dutchess would be found, even continuing to pay a US$15 annual fee to ensure that the dog's embedded microchip was kept active. 

Source: CNA/ad(hm)


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