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  • Confessions of Singapore's Crossplayers

    CNA Insider

    "I'm straight, I'm not gay. I'm not transsexual." A peek into the world of Singapore's male-to-female crossplayers (cosplayers who crossdress).

    Racing Time and Tide

    CNA Insider

    A Singaporean man's unique connection to the sea takes him back to his roots in the Riau Islands. He is on a quest to revive the culture of traditional kolek racing - a sport he grew up with in the Southern Islands of Singapore.

  • Facing Dementia: Beyond Medicine

    Mon | 6:00 PM | 5 Dec

    Hope vs. reality, we meet professionals from two different camps - scientists who are trying to prevent or reverse Alzheimer's disease, and those who believe that using social therapies are the best way to manage people with dementia. We examine the possible breakthroughs and the pitfalls of both.

  • Behind the Sirens: Rocking The Boat

    Tue | 8:00 PM | 6 Dec

    As Dr Charles looks into the provision of medical aid across Singapore waters, a sea ambulance seems a hopeful option. However, the job doesn't get easier despite 20 years of experience. With a plus-size patient slated for transfer, and multiple events piling up, the team starts to feel the stress.