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MINDEF to open computer systems to hackers so that vulnerabilities can be found and fixed

The Internet-facing systems include the Ministry of Defence’s website, NS Portal and eHealth, according to the ministry.

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Once bleeding billions, how Philips reinvented itself for the digital age

Seemingly past its heyday as an electronics giant, the company turned to healthcare to survive – and now thrive. Inside the ...

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A home cook's vanishing art of home-brewed wine and hand-raised chicken

Unlimited paid leave: Is Singapore ready for it?

Four generations of selling youtiao: The dough that binds this family

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Can a bridge be built?

A social experiment brings together an Indian woman and 2 Chinese kids with no friends of other races. Awkwardness ensues. 

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For The King

On October 13, 2016, Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away at the age of 88. A year of mourning was declared for the world’s ...

Aarushi – Beyond Reasonable Doubt

In 2008, Aarushi Talwar, a 14-year-old schoolgirl is found murdered in her bedroom. A day later, the body of the prime suspect - the family’s ...

Why It Matters

Imagine having someone turn a complex topic inside out, break complex concepts down into simple strands, and make the familiar surprising. What if ...

Inside the Storm 3

Big businesses rise and fall every day. Inside the Storm: Back from the Brink, is a documentary series that follows the lifecycle of four of the ...

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asian voices

In many countries, unjustified attacks on police have eventually led to the weakening of law enforcement. We do not intend to let that happen in Singapore.

Singapore Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam

Singapore Unjustified attacks made against the police must be rebutted: Shanmugam
It's a vocation where mistakes are not easily forgiven.

RSAF Second Lieutenant Luis Lo on flying the Heron-1 unmanned aerial vehicle

Singapore Eyes in the sky: The SAF pilots who fly missions from the ground
… People were burning out, they weren’t resting and they weren’t using (their unlimited paid leave). A lot of them started saying: 'I don’t know if I’m entitled to; I kind of feel guilty because I don’t know if I’ve earned it.'

SGAG co-founder Karl Mak

CNA Insider Unlimited paid leave: Is Singapore ready for it?
When I saw the hands on the railing … I told myself that I cannot let go of her. I must save her.

Staff Sergeant Stanley Koh, who helped save a maid from falling five storeys

Singapore We would never have let her fall: Police who rescued maid dangling outside Bukit Panjang flat
It's a recipe passed down from my ancestors. When I went back to my village in China, they made this dish for me too. It's like a blessing. 

Mdm Ong Ah Lee, 71, on her home-cooked red wine chicken

CNA Insider A home cook's vanishing art of home-brewed wine and hand-raised chicken
A lot of criticism I heard was, 'his father's just wasting time letting his go for all this'. But there'll be a day I repay him.

Asian beatbox champ Piratheeban Kernabalan on his number one fan, his dad

CNA Insider From 'untameable' teen, to Asia beatbox champ - with dad's belief in him

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