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  • Kids & Racism

    Regardless Of Race

    School children in Singapore celebrate Racial Harmony Day every year to learn the importance of getting along in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society. But does the yearly event actually leave an impression?

    Race & Privilege: A Social Experiment

    Regardless Of Race

    We say the words, "Regardless of race, language or religion." But majority privilege may be more real in ‪‎Singapore‬ than some would like to think. Watch what happens in this experiment - and how participants react.

  • Inventing Southeast Asia: Conquerors and Merchants

    Tue | 8:00 PM | 30 Aug

    Dr Farish Noor follows in the footsteps of two East India Company men who shaped the modern identity of Indonesia. The British invasion of Java led to the destruction of the Sultanate of Jogjakarta and the creation of stereotypes of Javanese identity still potent today.

  • Think Tank: Will There be an ASEAN - 5 Years From Now?

    Wed | 8:00 PM | 31 Aug

    The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) formed in 1967 has been one of the major platforms fostering international cooperation among the regional states and external players.