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  • Japan's Fake Food

    CNA Insider

    You may have seen them in the windows of Japanese restaurants and wondered: How do they make fake food look so real? Here’s a look at a multi-billion yen industry, via one of Tokyo’s famous sampuru makers.

    Not Special, Just Me

    CNA Insider

    17-year-old Chester was diagnosed with mild autism when he was three years old. He started getting bullied in his mainstream school, then was sent to an autism-focused school, but faced even more stigma from society.  Which suited him better? And what is the meaning of real acceptance from society? 

  • Money Mind: Policies and Plans

    Mon | 9:30 PM | 19 Sep

    Donald Trump declares he's not against free trade, he wants fair trade. But observers say his "America-First" policies could spark trade wars. And, in the business of sports - it's more than just a game as it is winning that brings in the bucks. Plus, we chat with SMRT's CEO on shareholders’ concerns ahead of the company's privatisation vote.

  • Don’t Kid Around: Making Sense of the World

    Tue | 6:00 PM | 20 Sep

    The 4-year-olds of Walton class are starting to make sense of the world - from the first time they realise they could be different from the person sitting next to them, to figuring out what it means to be a family, to get married and to grow old.