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Singaporean linked to terror activities in southern Philippines: MHA

Foreigners among militants fighting Philippine army in Mindanao: Solicitor-General

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Singapore has to manage population growth carefully: PM Lee

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On Facebook at age 97

Grandma Le Thi from Vietnam wants to learn a million new things. "The greatest enemy of a person's life is stupidity," she says. 

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On Facebook at 97

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Manufactured orphans: Chapter 1

Jyothi Svahn was 5 when her Swedish parents adopted her from India. Growing up, the she was haunted by the memory of her birth ...

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A job for Salim

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Madam Koh's bak chang recipe

At 97, this Vietnamese grandma has mastered the Internet

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She's an E.R. doc

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asian voices

What does race tell an owner about a tenant's suitability to rent an apartment?

Sumisha Naidu, Malaysian correspondent

Asia Pacific Commentary: Why does house hunting in Kuala Lumpur bring up questions of race?
The scope and depth of the Singapore Government’s involvement in healthcare is unlikely to appeal to most American policymakers, Democrat or Republican.

Professor M Ramesh, UNESCO Chair for Social Policy Design in Asia

Singapore Commentary: Singapore's healthcare success did not come cheap or easy
Rather than band-wagoning with China, regional countries are more likely to balance it.

Chietigj Bajpaee, political commentator

Asia Pacific Commentary: An Asia for Asians, the birth of a multipolar Asia?
I don’t think we should be doomed to whatever services evolve, but instead, create solutions of our own.

Dr Cynthia Goh, palliative care expert

Singapore Commentary: At life's end, do we want to spend our last days in the hospital?
The reality is that the motherhood journey can be tumultuous for some women.

Dr Helen Chen, KK Women's and Children's Hospital's psychological medicine head

Singapore Commentary: Honour the honest presentation of motherhood
Robots are a means to unshackle the hotel industry from its labour and resource constraint.

Aung Kyaw Moe, Millennium Hotels and Resorts' IT director for Asia

Technology Commentary: Introducing robots in hotels in Singapore is a good idea

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