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Myanmar insists to UN that situation in Rakhine is improving

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They run marathons. Race dragon boats. Volunteer for charity. All on just one day off a week as domestic helpers.

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CNA insider


The Cobbler

They bring him $1,000 Prada shoes and branded sneakers to fix. Some think his is a 'lowly and dirty' job - but hey, this ...

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Oddballs: A mission to farm

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The future of Peranakan food?

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Finding Sayfullah's voice

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Money Mind

We'll tell you how to make the most of your money but also why money is not an end in itself and connecting financial goals to your life goals is ...

The Traitor Within

Lim Bo Seng and his men in Force 136, in a daredevil mission to retake the Peninsular from the Japanese, was cut short by a betrayal. An expose of ...

Conversation With

"Conversation With" is Channel NewsAsia's flagship one-on-one interview programme that's run for over 15 years. The primetime interview show ...

Going Places

With an uncertain economy in Singapore, intrepid entrepreneurs are searching for new pastures overseas, and sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

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I am a President for everyone and I intend to serve all without any hesitation or doubt.

Halimah Yacob, President of Singapore

Singapore 'I'm not a reserved President, I'm a President for everyone': Halimah Yacob
People now feel muzzled and angry. Because when you take away our right to vote, you take away our political voice. You tell us that our choice does not matter.

Tan Cheng Bock, former presidential candidate

Singapore People feel 'muzzled and angry' because they could not vote this Presidential Election: Tan Cheng Bock
In a way, these represent slices of the cultural forms that our ancestors have carried over to Singapore, which continue to be shaped in the digital era.

Terence Heng, Assistant Professor, Singapore Institute of Technology

Singapore Commentary: Finding filial duty, spiritual charity in Hungry Ghost Festival rituals
I came to experience not just the advance of technology, but to learn their core values, how to imbue people with purpose and passion.

JJ Lin, Mandopop star

Lifestyle JJ Lin meets Tim Cook; gets front-row seat at Apple launch
If you don't take your heritage and move forward, Peranakan food will die.

Malcolm Lee, Head Chef, Candlenut

You just have to remain positive even if things don’t go according to your plans. We shall see what comes in the future.

Siti Fadillah, mother of Muhammed Sayfullah, who has severe cerebral palsy

CNA Insider Setting my son, the trapped chatterbox, free

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