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Woman looking at handphone while using treadmill

Reading this on your phone while exercising? Multi-tasking may lead to injuries

Digital distractions can be a double-edged sword, say experts. If you’re not careful, it can lead to injuries – but listening ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

Talking Point host Steven Chia drinks bubble tea for a month to find out what it does to the body.

Is there bubble tea even diabetics can love? Low-sugar, low-calorie tweaks are being made

Bubble tea sales in Singapore have already outstripped those of Coke and coffee on one delivery platform. But this drink comes ...


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The most important reason that I want to be vaccinated is not that I am in the high-risk group. Indeed, I am overweight and diabetic. And I am 71. 

71-year old former journalist Irene Hoe explains why it's important to get vaccinated

Singapore COVID-19 vaccine 5
Commentary Commentary: This 71-year-old wants you to get a COVID-19 vaccine once you can. Here’s why
Criticised by Najib’s successor Mahathir Mohamad as being an “unnecessary project” that “will not earn us a single cent”, few expected the project to survive the political battering let alone the pandemic firestorm.

Research scholar Stewart Nixon discusses the implications of the cancellation of the KL-Singapore HSR

Motorists along a highway in Bentong, outside Kuala Lumpur
Commentary Commentary: KL-Singapore HSR termination risks Malaysia falling behind on transport connectivity
Getting an excellent O-Level score isn’t enough — knowing what to do with it matters more.

Do we place too much emphasis on our O-level results, asks CNA's Grace Yeoh

o level results file
Commentary Commentary: O-Level results and the problem with expecting youth to figure out their life based on an exam
But highlighting the negative consequences of being unvaccinated should be accompanied by information on the vaccine’s effectiveness to overcome public’s anxiety and motivate more to take the shot.

Academics from NTU's Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information warns of the perils of misinformation on vaccination for Singapore

Singapore COVID-19 vaccine 7
Commentary Commentary: Misinformation threatens Singapore’s COVID-19 vaccination programme
Can more messaging promote love? Perhaps, since messages are devoid of non-verbal cues like eye-contact.

Yale-NUS' Michelle Tan and Jean Liu discuss how COVID-19 has changed relationships and online dating

marriage holding hands
Commentary Commentary: Rise in online dating during pandemic may see more serious relationships, marriages in next few years
As such, Xi is placing younger individuals in key provincial roles in order to ensure there are eligible candidates ripe for promotion. They will be politically indebted or connected to Xi.

Christian Le Miere explains how Xi Jinping is consolidating his domestic political power

China Economic Growth
Commentary Commentary: Xi Jinping’s not-so-bad, actually-quite-good year in 2020

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The Year Ahead 2021

What lies ahead in 2021? CNA correspondents round up major developments in 2020 and look ahead to 2021- a year of challenges, transitions and ...


Ahead Of Their Time

For every company that’s making headlines today, there were those a decade or two ago that had already espoused a similar product, service or idea.


When Titans Clash

US China relations are at its worst in modern history. How are the historical forces of pride and shame driving the conflict? Understand China’s ...


Into The Vault 2

What lies forgotten inside the vault of time? In this new season, 6 Singaporeans go on 6 new missions to find answers to burning questions they ...

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