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Batam sex 2

'Don’t have younger?’ Battling Batam’s festering issue of youth and child sexual exploitation

Singaporeans contribute to the “high demand” for prostitution and sexual exploitation of teens on the Indonesian island, say local agencies.

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Waterway Terraces at Punggol

10 Instagram-worthy HDB blocks in Singapore

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CNA lifestyle

how and when to talk to your children about sex CNA Lifestyle parenting

How and when to talk to your kids about sex

A CNA Lifestyle contributor and new dad found out what it takes to get ready for that future talk with his baby girl at a ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

(dn) MM post Malaysia GE main

What now for the High-Speed Rail and Malaysia’s East Coast Rail Link?

The two mega projects may grind to a halt, before they even get started. The programme Money Mind finds out the considerations ...

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(dp) schizophrenia and mum's love main

'Mummy, help me find my soul': Learning to be a mum again, to help fix her child's broken mind

Insight Hong Kong 1

Hong Kong's brain drain: Why its young are losing hope and leaving

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Fishing For Perfection

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(ry) chinatown buskers 1

Boogie down memory lane

Chinatown was a shadow of its former self, until these seniors brought the groove and joy back with impromptu street jams.


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Perspectives involves leading thinkers and influencers from government, private sector, think tanks, foundations and live audience to discuss key ...

HT-Mintasia Leadership Summit 2018

HT-MintAsia Leadership Summit 2018

Highlights of the HT-MintAsia Leadership Summit held in Singapore, bringing together prominent politicians, intellectuals, policymakers and ...

INSIGHT Opening Title FY1819


Insight investigates and analyses topical issues that impact Asia and the rest of the world.

This Weekend

This Weekend

You need a break. You have a free weekend. And you’re in a mood for something different. You’re thinking river surfing in Riau, or maybe canyoning ...

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asian voices

I hope that I get your undivided cooperation in what I do as prime minister as long as what I'm doing is not against the principles or the laws of the nation.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to civil servants

Asia Malaysia PM Mahathir to civil servants: Don't break the law, even for me
It’s a new dawn for the country … I can sense people talking, expressing themselves more openly.

Malaysia’s PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim after his royal pardon

Asia Mahathir 'compassionate', Najib's fall from grace 'karma', says Anwar
We don't define success just for this generation alone, we define our success by how able we are to allow the next generation to do even better than us.

Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing on success for Singapore

Chan Chun Sing intv May 21
Singapore Singaporeans must have ‘global mindset, global skillsets’: Chan Chun Sing
The assumption that if you don’t make life difficult for people, they won’t work, is just not true.

Sociologist Teo You Yenn, on universal welfare

Teo You Yenn_1
Singapore Universal welfare and saying 'no' to tuition: Teo You Yenn goes On the Record about inequality
When you hold out hope for others, they will feel hopeful. And when you believe in them, they start to believe in themselves too.

Valerie Liu who has schizophrenia, on helping others with mental health issues

dp schizophrenia 1
CNA Insider 'Mummy, help me find my soul': Learning to be a mum again, to help fix her child's broken mind
Use music to touch people’s hearts. That’s what my mum said. You can be a very good singer, but if your music doesn’t touch others, you’re not a good singer.

Welder Jack Tan on how his deteriorating health inspired him to turn to busking

(dp) busker jack 15
CNA Insider After facing death, a busker's mission to fill a void in old folks' lives with joy

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