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Christmas food guide ION Orchard HERO Letao

Christmas treats: Dark chocolate logcakes, cheddar cheese cookies and more

Whether it’s a half-priced dim sum deal or a gorgeous seasonal selection of cupcakes, here’s a quick list of Yuletide food ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

One of the top 10 viral videos on YouTube in 2018, from YouTuber Nastya, with 850 million views.

‘He’d physically hit me’: What lies behind those child and animal viral videos

Ever watched videos of children performing a feat, or funny cat videos? Some of their creators go to great lengths you may not ...


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Right now, allowing the transfer of FDWs to a new employer is not always the first recourse for employers who no longer require their services. 

Shamsul Kamar, Executive Director for the Centre for Domestic Employees, calls for employers to take a more collaborative approach to domestic help during COVID-19

Maid agency in Singapore file
Commentary Commentary: It should not be this hard to hire a foreign domestic worker
The scary thing about the outbreak now is that unlike those previous two waves, this time there is no discernible epicentre.

Steven Borowiec discusses how the latest COVID-19 wave in South Korea is different from the others

Virus Outbreak South Korea Daily Life
Commentary Commentary: Is South Korea doing enough to tackle its new COVID-19 wave?
More than 50 per cent of those we surveyed say they are willing to accept lower salaries during this crisis. The question is, how much lower?

Forcing job-seekers to accept low salaries is not an approach employers should take, says Jaime Lim of PeopleSearch

Workers at Raffles Place - crop plastic bag guy out of pic on request
Commentary Commentary: Even in a recession, lowballing job seekers is not only poor form but poor strategy
Even in Singapore with its limited market size because of a small population, food delivery remains an attractive and growing market. 

NUS Business School’s Nitin Pangarkar suggests that Grab could soon focus on its non-transport business

In Singapore, Grab cut driver incentives after its merger with Uber.
Commentary Commentary: We got to know Grab for its transport business. That will soon change
Even for pragmatic Asia, companies will be forced to look at human factors such as diversity, inclusion and stress indicators, and move beyond paying lip service to these issues for a few powerful reasons.

Talent development consultant Crystal Lim-Lange says COVID-19 will force a rethink of how firms approach human capital

Office workers walk around the financial business district in Singapore
Commentary Commentary: How COVID-19 has forced employers to be more human – and rewards them in the process
The work of homemakers, driven almost entirely by females, often goes unnoticed as much of it occurs in the private domain. 

June Yong makes the case of why the value of parenthood and homemakers needs a rethink

A woman holds her stomach at the last stages of her pregnancy in Bordeaux
Commentary Commentary: The cult of work is eroding the value of parenthood

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