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Sanofi Singapore vaccine production centre

Sanofi to invest S$638 million in new vaccine production site in Singapore

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Museum of Ice Cream Singapore artist rendering

'Dragon Playground' and sprinkle pool: What to expect at Singapore’s Museum of Ice Cream

The attraction in Dempsey will feature 14 installations including a fully-functional, Singapore-inspired "Dragon Playground", ...

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Extreme abusers dehumanise their victims. (Posed photo: Jeremy Long)

‘I want you to suffer with me’: What drives people to torture, enslave someone at home?

They could have sadistic tendencies and a sense of entitlement. But violence escalates ‘primarily because there’s no ...


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But vaccine diplomacy has shed light on an even more fundamental truth: A hybrid cold war is underway, involving the US, China and other pivotal states.

NUS Business School’s Alex Capri explains how countries are using the COVID-19 vaccines to engage in a proxy geopolitical battle

Virus Outbreak Hong Kong Vaccines
Commentary Commentary: How COVID-19 vaccines are being weaponised as countries jostle for influence
All China Development Bank (CDB) contracts in the sample include the termination of diplomatic relations between China and the borrowing country among the events of default.

There's more to China's foreign loans than meets the eye, says Professor Bo Zhiyue

China has earmarked roughly $4.1 billion in loans for Papua New Guinea
Commentary Commentary: China’s foreign loans, as a recent study shows, is full of ‘Chinese characteristics’
General Min Aung Hlaing and other Tatmadaw leaders were certainly watching and taking notes when Thailand’s 2014 coup against a popularly-elected civilian democracy sustained itself into a military-dominated pseudo-democracy in 2019.

ISEAS’ Dr Paul Chambers draws parallels between Myanmar's current political situation and the military's rise to power in Thailand

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha and Myanmar's General Min Aung Hlaing. (Photos: Reuters)
Commentary Commentary: Thailand as a model? Why Myanmar military may follow Prayuth's example
When the young Mr Li - a China-born student - first arrived in Singapore 15 years ago, he was reportedly saddled with loans of S$100,000 and only made enough money to rent a room in Braddell.

The Smart Investor's David Kuo details the public rise of Sea founder Forrest Li

lion city sailors
Commentary Commentary: The incredible rise of Forrest Li, modest founder of Singapore’s most valuable listed company
Hospital resources are coming under strain with 90.8 per cent of Osaka’s ICU in use, and constraints on medical staff numbers limiting opening up more beds.

Yuka Hasegawa explains why Japan's vaccination programme has been slow to take-off

Screengrab of COVID-19 cases in Japan. (Source: Google)
Commentary Commentary: Japan’s slow-mo vaccination programme has a lot riding on it
I could not help but giggle at one of the dire predictions that there might be yet another toilet paper shortage from this shipping crisis, in a striking echo of last year’s great loo roll panic.

The recent stuck vessel in the Suez Canal has a lot of lessons for life and not just trade, says Karen Tee

Guy With the Digger at Suez Canal
Commentary Commentary: What the stuck ship in the Suez Canal taught us about life

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