Hong Kong police headquarters under siege again by protesters after extradition Bill rally

Hong Kong protesters urge G20 to raise plight with China

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Donald Trump

Trump leaves for G20 with attacks on China, allies

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Learn to cook from watching food shows

Can you actually learn to cook from watching food shows? We gave it a go

A kitchen noob challenged herself to make a three-course meal (including a chocolate matcha lava cake) just from watching ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

India's unsafe buildings and the construction mafia

Collapsing buildings, bridges, and roadways kill at least 2,000 people in India every year. What have mafia gangs in the ...

Station Inspector Zulkiflee Mohamed is a Land Division investigation officer from Tanglin Division.

Inside the world of a Singapore police investigator

Christian Calledo became a lechonero, someone who roasts whole pigs on a spit, without any training.

The Cebuano who quit his lucrative job to roast pigs in Singapore

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Mohammed Hanif has worked in Singapore for 13 years now.

Yishun cleaner makes sacrifices for a better tomorrow, gets support for a better today

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Deciphering The Philippines

Deciphering The Philippines

Filipino journalist Atom Araullo has reported from some of the most extreme corners of the Philippines. This time, he heads out to find a nation ...

Edge of Space

Edge of Space

Local innovator Lim Seng wants to send the first Singaporean to the edge of space. Pilot Yip Chuang Xin wants to be the man. Together with a team ...

Walk This Way

Walk This Way

From mountain peaks to underwater caves; to volcanic lakes and forest trails, join our hosts as they travel across six countries in Asia the way ...

Japan Hour - Winter in Japan

Japan Hour

Summer in Japan (Jun - Aug) Summer in Japan can be amazingly beautiful. Although excessive heat and humid weather are typical in this season, the ...

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What we can do is to keep on focusing on upgrading and training, and restructuring of the economy so that we have the productive capability and potential to pick up again when external conditions improve, and to make the best of the conditions as they are now.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on the impact of the trade dispute between the US and China

PM Lee ASEAN Summit Jun 23
Asia Singapore ‘must expect some fallout’ from US-China trade dispute: PM Lee
I’m fine looking at his photos, but whenever I write something about them, I always cry. I smile when I’m with other people. But when I get home, I’m a mess. So, I have to build the strength for myself and distract myself by doing many things.  ​​​​​​​

Valepon Gunan, wife of diver Saman Gunan, who lost his life in the Thai cave rescue

Valepon Gunan
Asia One year after Thai cave rescue, grieving wife of dead diver struggles to move on
Keep a good reputation, stick to some principles. If you make a mistake, say so. If you’re honest, people tend to trust you.

“Mr Toilet Man” Jack Sim

How to get rich? "Mr Toilet Man" Jack Sim plunged into the Singapore property market.
CNA Insider From O-level failure to millionaire at 29, on a policy of honesty first
The towers have become a nest for Mat Pet (drug addicts), and I don’t feel safe here anymore.

Mr Izwan Mikhail, who lives near the abandoned Highland Towers in Kuala Lumpur

Highland Towers ground floor
Asia Drug dens, robber hideouts: Calls grow for KL’s Highland Towers to be torn down 25 years after disaster
If the elevators within MRT stations are mostly reserved for the disabled or needy, why can’t it be possible in malls and public spaces?

Commentator June Yong on the statistic that there is nearly one escalator accident a day in Singapore

FILE PHOTO: Shoppers ride escalators at the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles
Commentary Commentary: Prams and escalator incidents – how about lift priority queues for new parents?
Personally, I think cigarette butts are even more dangerous than any other plastic item owing to the large amounts and the harmful chemicals leaching from them.

Associate Professor Suresh Valiyaveettil at NUS' chemistry department

Singapore No ifs or butts: Cigarette rubbish is littering Singapore's coastline

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