Yishun North neighbourhood police centre

Police officer dies from gunshot wound

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Protesters who camped out overnight take a rest along a road near LegCo in Hong Kong on Jun 17, 2019

Protesters end highway occupation outside Hong Kong's parliament

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Kitchen Stories Chef Mok Kit Keung 1 Shang Palace

The old family recipes that let Shang Palace’s chef take fine Chinese cuisine into the future

Chef Mok Kit Keung’s 40-year career is as storied as the 20-year-old orange peel preserved by his late mother.

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

How to become a K-Pop idol: Life as a foreign trainee

Droves of Korean teenagers sign up with K-pop academies with dreams of becoming the next BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE or Red Velvet.

Ben Arman calls himself a jack of all trades, from electrical to plumbing to miscellaneous repairs.

‘You’re paying for my experience, not my labour’: The handyman trying to earn his keep

Station Inspector Zulkiflee Mohamed is a Land Division investigation officer from Tanglin Division.

Inside the world of a Singapore police investigator

Christian Calledo became a lechonero, someone who roasts whole pigs on a spit, without any training.

The Cebuano who quit his lucrative job to roast pigs in Singapore

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Mohammed Hanif has worked in Singapore for 13 years now.

Yishun cleaner makes sacrifices for a better tomorrow, gets support for a better today

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Deciphering The Philippines

Deciphering The Philippines

Filipino journalist Atom Araullo has reported from some of the most extreme corners of the Philippines. This time, he heads out to find a nation ...

Talking Point

Talking Point 2019/2020

With a fresh approach to tackling the issues of the day, Talking Point investigates a current issue or event- offering different perspectives to ...

Walk This Way

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From mountain peaks to underwater caves; to volcanic lakes and forest trails, join our hosts as they travel across six countries in Asia the way ...

Japan Hour - Winter in Japan

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Summer in Japan (Jun - Aug) Summer in Japan can be amazingly beautiful. Although excessive heat and humid weather are typical in this season, the ...

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asian voices

I think it is to show ourselves and to show the world that Singapore is united, we understand what our safety and our security and our prosperity depend on, and we are able to identity and to support a team which will help us to move forward and to get where we want to be.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, on the significance of Singapore’s next General Election

PM Lee business china awards
Business US-China trade tensions will take time to resolve, not easy for both sides to walk back on positions: PM Lee
They didn’t give us a reason but we kind of know … I would be a bit worried because this is still a job. To be suddenly told to take a break, I would more or less be concerned.

Mr Liu, worker on a production line making Huawei products

close up of chinese worker in factory
Asia The Huawei saga and its impact on southern China's economy
Passengers sometimes think our job is easy – sitting in an air-conditioned environment is easy. But I always tell them: ‘You find one weekend, have two one-hour breaks for lunch and dinner, and sit in a comfortable sofa for 12 hours just watching TV. You will feel sore backs, sore shoulders, sore necks, sore everywhere’.

Private hire driver Shaun Ow

Private Hire Car Driver - Back view for anonymity
Singapore Flexibility, being your own boss, decent income: Why younger people are working as private hire drivers
How can I accept the money? No, no way … when they come to see me and say: ‘Doctor, I have no money’, I say: ‘Don’t worry, I’ll treat you.’

Dr Chan Khye Meng

Dr Meng 4
Singapore ‘The father of Tanglin Halt’: The accidental doctor who's hanging up his stethoscope after 55 years
In my head, I knew that this is my last SEA Games and I wanted to do something for the team.

Footballer Lionel Tan on disrupting NS

Lionel Tan
Sport From combat to football boots: The 'crazy' 22-year-old who interrupted NS to chase a SEA Games dream
When working and living in a country that’s far from your country, the best way to go home is through food.

Iskina Cebu owner Christian Calledo

Iskina Cebu's Christian Calledo says that being a lechonero represents his culture in a unique way.
CNA Insider The Cebuano who quit his lucrative job to roast pigs in Singapore

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