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Halloween manicure HERO

Spirited Away, ghosts and 8 other creepy-cool nail art ideas for Halloween and beyond

Whether you want to do it DIY or thinking of visiting the manicurist, here are some ideas for that next nail makeover – ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

Concern over antibiotic resistance may see consumers and farmers turn to other ways of rearing fowl.

Antibiotics in chicken a cause for concern? And five other questions about poultry today

There are many chicken products today, but the labels can often be misleading. The programme Talking Point investigates the ...


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Around the world, a woman’s consumption of alcohol often becomes a thorn in the side of her reputation and the veracity of her claims, particularly in cases of sexual assault.

AWARE’s Shailey Hingorani discusses why victims who were intoxicated were not inviting sexual abuse and it is time we stop using this as an excuse

Having wine at a gathering
Commentary Commentary: Is drinking the problem in cases of sexual assault?
It is the same feeling of getting fleeced into paying “tourist price” while shopping at a market in a foreign country just because you are not a local.

Lifestyle writer Karen Tee explains the problems associated with the phenomenon of people buying limited edition sneakers only to resell them for a quick profit

Une paire d'Air Jordan 1 vendue sur la plateforme StockX
Commentary Commentary: Making S$30,000 a month from sneakers? This is why nobody likes resellers
It can be quite tough if you are in a Zoom meeting which starts at the same time as an aircraft’s take-off cycle.

Military aircraft flying past may disturb the peace of those working from home, but it's a necessary compromise, says defence writer Mike Yeo

Three Republic of Singapore Air Force F-16 aircraft
Commentary Commentary: Noisy RSAF aircraft and annoyed residents - some compromises are needed
It will be only a matter of time before Apple creates a variant of the iPhone upgrade programme that is simply an all-in Apple subscription. You pay one monthly fee, and get everything Apple has to offer.

Apple’s shifting strategy is making waves, notes IMD Business School’s Howard Yu, as the iPhone 12 shows

Apple’s vice president of iPhone Product Marketing Kaiann Drance unveils the all-new iPhone 12 in C
Commentary Commentary: Apple is ahead of the curve with iPhone 12. That may be a problem
Anwar’s efforts to assume the prime ministership, even if he does have the numbers in theory, will continue to face huge obstacles from three major political blocks.

Professor James Chin of the University of Tasmania discusses if Anwar Ibrahim will ever get a chance to be Malaysian Prime Minister

Malaysia Politics
Commentary Commentary: Why Anwar Ibrahim’s longheld dream of becoming Malaysia PM keeps getting thwarted
Greater uncertainty in the stock markets can be a boon for gold prices since investors may look for safer assets like gold to put their money in.

The Smart Investor CEO David Kuo explains why gold price has defied the odds this year and may reach new highs

FILE PHOTO: Gold bars are displayed at South Africa's Rand Refinery in Germiston
Commentary Commentary: Gold may have lost some of its shine but don’t write it off just yet

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COVID-19 is the worst crisis to hit the global food system: farmers saw their produce left to rot, shortages sparked panic buying in the ...


Belly Of A Nation 2

We step into the lives of a handful of Singapore hawkers over 9 months of 2020 in the second season of this popular series. Oyster Omelette with ...

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