Turkish President Erdogan meets with U.S. Vice President Pence at the Presidential Palace in Ankara

Turkey, US agree on Syria ceasefire for Kurdish forces to withdraw

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Dior x Ruinart Afternoon Tea at The St Regis Singapore

Happy tiers: The best places for high tea to while away the afternoon

As Bruno Mars would say: Put your pinkie rings up... We’re pouring the secrets of our favourite afternoon teas.

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

Medical social worker Melissa Chew's job entails bringing comfort to both the living and the dead.

When all a patient has at death’s door is one last hope, she steps in

Melissa Chew's job as a medical social worker includes reuniting families, even at the eleventh hour, and tracking down a dead ...

(am) sleeping on the job
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Sleeping on the job

A robot modelled on mankind's oldest social interface: Humans.

How AI is coming 'alive', replacing human roles — as robots or as wives

Pro footballer, full-time singer — two careers that have given Syed Azmir lessons from failure.

The footballer turned singer who lost both careers, and found his way again

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Furhat Robotics hopes to make a social robot that recognises when you're sad and can cheer you up.

How AI is coming 'alive', replacing human roles - as robots or as wives


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Regardless of Race

Regardless of Race

Singapore society has changed and evolved dramatically since our Pledge was written. Today, issues surrounding race are different but no less ...

The Negotiators

The Negotiators

Negotiations are part of everyday life. From haggling at the market, asking for a pay raise, to navigating relationship issues, we do it all the time.

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Secret Delicious

Follow food writer Aun Koh as he tours Asia in search of off-menu items, hidden food gems and coveted access to spots that are completely ...

Talking Point

Talking Point 2019/2020

With a fresh approach to tackling the issues of the day, Talking Point investigates a current issue or event- offering different perspectives to ...

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asian voices

Bilateral relations are in good shape - they are deep, multi-faceted and forward-looking … We’ve achieved much together during President Jokowi’s first term and I look forward to sustaining this positive trajectory and carrying it forward into his second term.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, on relations between Singapore and Indonesia

pm lee leaders retreat
Asia Excellent, multi-faceted relations between Singapore and Indonesia in ‘good shape’: PM Lee
Everything from my house was washed away before my eyes, I wasn't sure if it was a dream or real … I feel lucky I’m still alive.

A woman in Nagoya affected by Typhoon Hagibis, which has killed at least 40 since hitting Japan

Houses, cars and power poles were destroyed as Typhoon Haigibis approaches Tokyo
Asia Death toll from Typhoon Hagibis rises to 56 in Japan: Report
Whilst we are celebrating tonight there are a lot of people who aren't. ​​​​​​​

Japan rugby coach Jamie Joseph, as his team's historic win against Scotland brings hope amid Typhoon Hagibis' destruction

Japan coach Jamie Joseph was unimpressed by Scotland's talk of legal threats
Sport Rugby: Brilliant Japan beat Scotland to reach World Cup quarters for first time
We can do anything as long as companies are willing to give us the opportunity. Companies need to realise that we simply communicate differently from others and all it takes to overcome that is a short training for the hearing people on how to communicate with their deaf colleagues.

Mr Adhika Prakoso, who co-founded a cafe in Indonesia that exclusively employs deaf people

Adhika Prakoso Kopi Tuli
Asia Cafe run by deaf people in Indonesia strives to overcome discrimination, one cup at a time
I keep telling my social workers: ‘An accident, a split second, the family’s lives change forever.’

Medical social worker Melissa Chew, reminding her team on the importance of the work they do

TTSH principal medical social worker Melissa Chew has a key role in the end-of-life process.
CNA Insider When all a patient has at death’s door is one last hope, she steps in
I’ve always wanted to play for Thailand or England because I knew the standard was better and in my blood, I knew I was from there.

Footballer Ben Davis on his decision to represent Thailand, instead of Singapore, on the international stage

Ben Davis Thailand
Singapore ‘I don’t have any regrets’: Footballer Ben Davis has no plans to return to Singapore

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