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Bali, Korea, Japan: How to turn your home into your favourite holiday destination

The next best thing to an overseas vacation? Incorporating design elements of your favourite getaway in your home. Four ...

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CNA insider

A 3-D printed figures are seen in front of displayed Tik Tok logo in this picture illustration

Should we be afraid of TikTok?

Is this Chinese app a sinister threat or just a popular innovation? The debate may soon come to a boil, and the series Beyond ...


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Biden understands the importance of the US-China relationship and has framed it in positive terms. 

Ted Gover discusses Joe Biden's likely policy on China

US Election View From Asia
Commentary Commentary: It’s engagement not containment of China that Joe Biden will focus on
The Sep 10 opening of Apple’s Marina Bay Sands outlet was highly anticipated, so much so that visits were appointment-only.

Marketing Professor Dr Kapil R Tuli notes that some retailers are thriving even during the pandemic

People queue up to enter a new Apple flagship store that opened in Beijing in July 2020
Commentary Commentary: Retail isn’t dead – look at snaking queues outside Apple stores
I soon discovered that not being able to say no was just one complex factor which nurtured the insidious presence of sexual harassment on campus.

Co-founder of Girl, Talk Heather Seet argues why universities need to do more to educate on sexual harassment

NUS students
Commentary Commentary: The education I wished I had when a senior at university touched me
Tech.Pass is a class of its own attracting a highly select and skilled clientele that is globally mobile and fiercely sought by many top capitals of the world.

NUS Business School’s Lawrence Loh explains why Singapore is courting global tech talent

The Singapore government unveiled a bill last week containing tough measures to tackle "fake
Commentary Commentary: Singapore's new growth strategy for tomorrow involves luring 500 global tech leaders today
The practicalities of enforcing a ban on smoking near windows need to be taken into account but the technology does exist.

CNA's Lin Suling explains why we shouldn't dismiss the negative effects of people smoking near windows

person smoking balcony cigarette second hand smoke
Commentary Commentary: Smoking near windows dismissed as neighbourly nuisance but has public health costs
While satellite mapping indicates there are fewer fire hotspots across parts of the country, some 206,751 hectares of forests were torched from January to September 2020.

Greenpeace's Kiki Taufik reveals that forest fires persist in Indonesia even without the haze

Indonesia forest fire
Commentary Commentary: Little smoke this haze season – but fires rage on in Indonesia

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Wizards Of Tech

Magic happens when tech geeks get innovative. From shape-shifting robots to artificial smart skin, from souped-up helmets to supercharged ...


Disease Hunters

What may bring the next pandemic? This 3-part series features “Disease Hunters” on the frontlines as they identify, study or kill infectious ...


Beyond the Viral Video

Dogs, cats, babies, TikTok trends… we scroll through them mindlessly. But what if viral videos are doing more to our world than we realise? In ...


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Insight investigates and analyses topical issues that impact Asia and the rest of the world.

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