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  1. Singapore has to manage population growth carefully: PM Lee

  2. Automated login for Wireless@SG extended to non-SIM devices

  3. New programme aims to entice seniors to stay active through water sports

    The Silver Wave initiative will see the introduction of a pedal boat orientation programme, which trains seniors with the fundamental skills ...
  4. New office to help get Singapore ready for digital society

    The digital readiness programme office is just one of the initiatives revealed during the Ministry of Communications and Information's workplan ...
  5. Corruption complaints and cases investigated by CPIB at record low

    The number of corruption complaints and cases investigated by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau hit a new low in 2016, according to ...
  6. Manpower Ministry looking into enabling women to play bigger role in society

    While women have made significant strides in the past decades, many members of parliament agreed that more has to be done for them.
  7. Singapore Children's Society to run Appropriate Adult scheme

    The scheme will see trained volunteers accompanying suspects under 16 during police investigations.
  8. A*STAR hopes to attract 500 SMEs in 5 years for Model Factories initiative

    The two factories are expected to be operational by the fourth quarter of 2017.
  9. 16 hotels to take part in new Lean Hotel Initiative to boost productivity

    Amara Hotels & Resorts, Carlton Hotel and Crowne Plaza Changi Airport are among the 16 hotels to participate in the new Lean Hotel Initiative, ...