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  1. A stand-in mum for an older child: Fostering kids who struggle to find a home

    More children are being placed on the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s fostering scheme. But there is still a need for foster parents ...
  2. Building for the future: In post-quake Nepal, masons learn new skills

    Nepalese masons have not only learnt to build earthquake-resilient buildings as part of a training initiative by Singapore-based NGO Mercy Relief.
  3. In post-quake Nepal, rebuilding schools is an important but challenging task

    The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) estimates that about 4,000 schools were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. Two years on, rebuilding these schools has ...
  4. Making a difference: Singaporeans’ contributions to the Nepal earthquake recovery efforts

    More than two years after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, here’s how three Singapore-based organisations went beyond simple ...
  5. Singaporeans have ‘much to learn’ from courage, resilience of Nepalese people: Maliki Osman

    The Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs says the Nepalese people have pulled together despite the adversities they had to go through.
  6. No different from drugs: Stopping problem drinking before it begins

    An alliance of bar operators and liquor importers hopes to help nip problem drinking in the bud.
  7. Nepal quake 2 years on: Singapore Red Cross completes 28 rebuilding projects

    Schools, mobile clinics, health posts and a community hall are among the projects SRC has completed so far. Another 32 projects are slated for ...
  8. Becoming Mr Popular: A day in the life of a mascot talent

    There's more to being a good mascot performer than just putting on a costume and waving at people.
  9. JC mergers: Equal representation of staff in merged JCs, say principals

    While the issue of re-deploying staff can be “multi-faceted”, the principals of two JCs slated to merge in 2019 say the merged JC will have a ...
  10. 14 primary schools, 6 secondary schools to merge in 2019

    The Education Ministry will also open one new primary school in Sengkang to meet a growing need there.