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  1. The rise and rise of Xi Jinping

    While details of the 19th Communist Party congress are still under wraps, there has been speculation that a draft amendment to the constitution of ...
  2. An exodus of talent: The brain drain in China's northeast

    In the final part of his 3-part series from China's "rust belt", Jeremy Koh visits Jiamusi to examine the impact of Soviet-style planning on the ...
  3. In China's northeast, a switch to new industries aims to revive ailing 'rust belt'

    In the second of a 3-part series from China's "rust belt", Jeremy Koh visits Hegang in China's northeast, where moves are afoot to develop new ...
  4. In China's Shuangyashan, retrenched coal miners face an uncertain future

    In the first of a 3-part series from China's "rust belt", Jeremy Koh visits Shuangyashan, where falling coal prices has brought financial hardship ...
  5. Many opportunities for China and Singapore to build ties in 'new historical chapter': President Xi

  6. Singapore to promote stronger cooperation between ASEAN and China: PM Lee

  7. Let Mongolia’s stunning landscapes take your breath away

    Channel NewsAsia’s correspondent Jeremy Koh takes you on adventure in this beautiful destination.
  8. Cashless in China: An experiment with mobile payments for a day

  9. Mongolia's illegal miners brave treacherous conditions to earn a living

    Miners, many of who live in poverty, use primitive methods to mine low-grade coal often more than 100 metres underground