Biography of the Author Jeremy Koh

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  1. Go on an adventure and experience the Great Wall of China without the crowds

    Channel NewsAsia’s correspondent Jeremy Koh shows us the off-the-beaten tracks to the Great Wall of China.
  2. From nuclear tremors to stone-throwing, life in a Chinese town on the border with North Korea

  3. Singapore ready to work with China on Belt and Road: Lawrence Wong

  4. Demand for solar panels up in North Korea

  5. 7 days in Pyongyang: Reporting on North Korea

    This is my third time visiting Pyongyang in as many years, but I certainly can’t claim to understand the city, let alone North Korea.
  6. In pictures: Calm in Pyongyang despite failed missile attempt

    Many locals, including the minders, seemed unaware that the failed launch even happened, says Jeremy Koh.
  7. In pictures: The day I attended Kim Il Sung's 105th birth anniversary military parade

    It was the third parade Channel NewsAsia's Jeremy Koh attended in Pyongyang and many things started to feel familiar for him, he says.
  8. A wake-up call at 4am in Pyongyang

    Channel NewsAsia's Jeremy Koh finds out what it is like being a foreign correspondent in reclusive North Korea.
  9. North Korea's 'big event'? The opening of a new street in Pyongyang

    Leader Kim Jong Un presided over the opening of a new street in the capital Pyongyang.
  10. China's leadership structure in focus at annual National People's Congress

    As Chinese President Xi Jinping and his colleagues enter the last year of their first term, all eyes are on the possible make-up of the next ...