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Vanessa Paige Chelvan

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  1. Businessman jailed, caned for molesting nurse hired to care for cancer-stricken wife

    Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan assaulted the woman as his wife lay in the bedroom.
  2. Elderly woman jailed 4 years and 9 months for cheating friend of life savings

    Lim Siew Har, 75, has a record of cheating that dates back to 1981.
  3. Younger son of senior lawyer jailed 12 weeks for evading NS

  4. National Service defaulter jailed for 10 weeks

  5. Taxi driver jailed 5 months for high-speed car chase in Yishun

    Aw Tai Hock, 56, went after a passenger who had refused to pay the taxi fare the day before.
  6. Teacher convicted of using counterfeit banknotes to pay for sex

  7. Man jailed for throwing cat down rubbish chute to its death

  8. Duo convicted of fatally assaulting Frenchman at Orchard Towers