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  1. Riding G-Land: Indonesia’s big-wave surfing wonder of the world

    Plengkung Beach - known as G-Land - is considered one of the best big wave breaks in the world, with long running, perfectly forming barrels. But ...
  2. Asia’s Toughest Jobs: The fire and brimstone miners of Ijen Crater

    With its wickedly steaming cyan lake, pulsing exhausts of burning sulphur and jagged peaks, Ijen Crater in East Java is entirely otherworldly.
  3. Asia's Toughest Jobs: The toil of a smiling jeepney driver

    Driving a jeepney, a bus-like vehicle, on Manila’s roads day after day is a physical and mental challenge. Jack Board meets a man who, despite the ...
  4. Cross-border beer: Thailand’s craft beer dream brewed in Cambodia

    With small-scale beer production prohibited in their home country Thailand, Stone Head is a beer start-up taken across the international border ...
  5. Asia's Toughest Jobs: The women helping to build Cambodia

    Construction workers are in demand in Cambodia as the country embarks on an ambitious building drive. Many of them are women, but they earn less ...
  6. Cambodian nature and childhood inspire Instagram star artist

    Cambodian Visoth Kakvei's incredibly intricate drawings and digital creations depicting animals, nature and galaxies have taken the Internet by storm.
  7. Asia's Toughest Jobs: Quezon City’s ‘loving, caring’ jail officer

    Working inside one of Asia’s most crowded prisons is an unenviable task. But for David Jambalos, one of the oldest officers on duty at Quezon City ...
  8. ‘My father was abducted by ISIS’: Marawi children dealing with siege trauma

  9. Time stands still on deserted streets of war-torn Marawi

    The only sounds in the war-ravaged Philippine city come from automatic gunfire and the pulsating bombardment of air strikes from low-flying aircraft.