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  • 18 Apr 2015 05:55

    US jury hears Bryant Gumbel testimony in HBO libel trial

    A federal jury heard testimony from Bryant Gumbel on Friday at a trial in which HBO faces libel claims over a report aired on the TV journalist's popular sports news programme that focussed on child labour in India.

  • 18 Apr 2015 04:05

    After 53-year run, Univision to end 'Sabado Gigante'

    Univision Network will have a giant hole in its Saturday night line-up - "Sabado Gigante," its top-rated variety show, will be going off the air after a record-breaking 53 years, the broadcaster said on Friday.

  • 18 Apr 2015 03:45

    'The Wannabe' searches for identity in mobster world

    In the waning days of the New York Mafia in the 1990s, a young man ill-suited for a life of crime decides he wants to be a gangster, a real-life quest that inspired the film "The Wannabe."

  • 18 Apr 2015 03:05

    US must return rare double eagle gold coins to family

    The U.S. government must return 10 exceptionally rare gold coins worth millions of dollars each to a Pennsylvania family from which the purloined coins were seized a decade ago, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.

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