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  1. Commentary: Vehicle growth rate cut may lead to increase in housing prices in some areas

    The cut in the vehicle growth rate may see a rise in COE prices but transport policymakers should not ignore the potential impact on housing, say ...
  2. Commentary: Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians must safeguard the industry’s reputation

    Where cases of malpractice arise among the TCM community, the greatest cost is borne not by the doctor but by the TCM industry as a whole, says ...
  3. Commentary: Great expectations for ASEAN will meet internal contradictions in 2018

    The most important goal for ASEAN in 2018 is arguably reforms to ensure its relevance, says one observer from RSIS.
  4. Commentary: Beware the hidden costs of sin taxes

  5. Despite rosier economic outlook, restaurant owners in Singapore still feeling the bite

    Consumers tightening their purse strings amid lingering concerns about jobs have taken a bite out of some restaurants’ sales.
  6. Commentary: Government assistance to businesses – is less, in fact, more?

    Is providing less or no assistance the answer to empowering companies and cultivating world-class enterprises, asks Channel NewsAsia's Bharati ...
  7. No new tuberculosis cases at Agape Little Uni: Health ministry

  8. 2.6kg of synthetic cannabis seized in Yishun, 2 men arrested