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  • Perspectives, a discussion programme involving a panel of leading thinkers who will discuss the impact of key global events on you and me. Reframing and refocusing your worldview.



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  • It Figures Season 3

    It Figures returns, and this time we are crunching numbers on a bigger scale than ever. The world comes under scrutiny as we resume our hunt for stories behind the statistics. From Europe to China, how does Singapore’s population of five million stack up against the rest?

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    Episode 7

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    Episode 4

  • Luxe Asia

    In this eight-part series, host Anita Kapoor travels across Asia and the Middle East to explore first-hand how luxury intersects with lifestyle, design and even technology.

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    Episode 5

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    Episode 4

    • Every Wednesday
    • 'LIVE' at 8:00 PM
    • Simulcast on 938LIVE
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    ‘Talking Point’ is a LIVE one-hour talk show discussing the hottest issues affecting Singaporeans. Tweet us @telltp. Call us @ 66910028 during the show.


    Episode 17

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    Episode 16

  • Insight

    Every week, our team of producers will serve up compelling arguments and insights on topical issues of the day. What's on the menu are topics or concerns that have set the region talking; of changing trends and news events with impact in Asia and beyond.

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    Episode 21

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    Episode 20

  • On The Red Dot

    On the Red Dot is a weekly current affairs magazine programme that focuses on the little red dot we call home. The show seeks to showcase the people and the communities that make up Singapore. It also seeks to highlight efforts by different groups of Singaporeans who make a difference to people’s lives. We are shown at 9pm on Wednesday on Channel 5 and 10:30pm on Sunday on Channel NewsAsia.

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    Episode 91

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    Episode 90

    • Every Saturday
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    • Every Sunday
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    Get a taste of Japanese travel, food and culture on Japan Hour!

  • Join "Welcome 2 Taiwan" as we bring you on an exciting adventure ride to get a taste of travel, food and culture in one of the most diverse destinations in Asia – Taiwan.


Budget 2014

A series of programmes relating to Singapore Budget 2014 after it is shared with the public on 21 February 2014.

Business Warriors

'Business Warriors' brings business to the most unpredictable frontier markets in the world. Embark upon an inspiring journey full of ups and downs to uncover deeply personal challenges that made these Singaporean entrepreneurs who they are today.

City Time Traveller

In “City Time Traveller”, Singapore-based Eco Architect/Master Planner/Academic Jason Pomeroy will travel across Asia to uncover what he considers to be the most interesting buildings and structures in the cities.

Conversation With

Conversation With features an eccentric mix of personalities – from maverick lawmakers to innovators, who will not only allow us to get an insight about themselves but also the issues that will impact this region in the coming decades.

Cooking for the Crown

Chef Christian Bauer travels around the globe to cook specific home-cooked dishes for Royal families, learning about their history with food, culture and family.

Days of Rage

The darkest periods of Singapore’s history were when politics and race tore apart communities; when trade unions brought the economy to a standstill; where saboteurs were bent on making this country fail; and terrorism reared its ugly head. The days of rage were dark days then, but they also helped to strengthen the country’s core beliefs, and make it the nation it is today. This series brings to the fore events and challenges in Singapore’s history and the lessons learnt.


A compilation of Channel NewsAsia's documentaries.

Don't Mess With Us

Asian cities - bustling, booming, bursting. How are things kept clean day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute? Together with presenter Henry Golding, we go behind the scenes to see the work needed to keep Asia cities going and keep filth away.

Expensive Eats

Why are any dishes with a hint of saffron more expensive? What is the priciest variety of truffles on earth? How is Wagyu cattle reared? Expensive Eats takes us into the exclusive world of the most sought-after ingredients in high-end dishes fit for royalty.

First Look Asia

First Look Asia is a 3-hour breakfast programme that brings you all the latest in world, business and sports news. Beyond that, we scour the social media landscape for what’s abuzz online, we review regional dailies to see how they’re covering the hottest news for the day and a special guest joins us in studio to share their Views on the News. Each day, we have special lifestyle segments covering trave, technology, property, health matters and luxuring living – everything that matters to you!