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Art of Investment

First Look Asia

Art is gaining popularity as a passion investment. We find out what you need to know before parting with your cash for ...

The Quest For Perfection

First Look Asia

How safe are non-invasive and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures? And what should you be aware of before attempting ...

Outlook for the Nasdaq

First Look Asia

With the Nasdaq at a record high, should investors worry about a repeat of the dot-com crash 15-years ago? Sani Hamid ...

Stuff Me Silly

Food Empire
Episode 7

Mooncakes, Devil's Curry and Bak Kwa (barbecue meat) bring to mind the annual festivities widely celebrated in ...

Sumatra's Last Tigers

Documentaries / Specials

In Sumatra, killer tigers are being rehabilitated and released back into the wild. The man behind this controversial ...

Against The Odds: Max Tan

In Focus
Episode 15

Dressage is a competitive equestrian sport where grace and elegance is of utmost importance. How does Maximillian Tan – ...

Qing Ming Festival

In Focus
Episode 4

Chinese families around the world dedicate the period of Qing Ming to sweeping the tombs of their ancestors as a form ...

In Studio: Frank Leboeuf

First Look Asia

He's a footballer who has smoothly transitioned to acting. Former France international and Chelsea star Frank Leboeuf ...

Farm to Table in Melbourne Part 2: Sustainable Seafood

First Look Asia

Annalisa learns how to harvest mussels in Port Phillip Bay outside Melbourne and catch her own fish at Buxton Trout ...

Outlook for stock markets

First Look Asia

With the Shanghai Composite Index up 36 percent this year, are we seeing the start of an exceptional bull rally? Audrey ...

Hillary For President

Episode 4

She conceded defeat to Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination. 8 years on, Hillary Clinton is back ...

Trailer: Top Of The Mind

Money Mind
Episode 4

Why are China equities rising when the economy is slowing? Is the US market over-valued? Are European stocks a good bet ...

News Clips

ASEAN has a role to "keep the temperature down": PM Lee on South China Sea dispute


Speaking on the South China Sea dispute for the first time, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the situation has ...

Tripartism key in managing industrial relations: Lim Swee Say

Business Singapore

In a wide-ranging interview on Monday (Apr 27), outgoing Labour Chief Lim Swee Say announced that Singapore will be ...

Medal design for 28th SEA Games unveiled


All spectators at the 28th SEA Games' Closing Ceremony will get their own spectator's medallion, SINGSOC announced at a ...

Common Ground for Asia and Africa

Between the Lines

A call for a new world order as Asian and African leaders meet to mark the 60th anniversary of the first bi-continental ...

Rui En steps into the shoes of iconic artist Georgette Chen in new docudrama


Rui En and the cast of upcoming documdrama The Worlds Of Georgette Chen shared their experiences on shooting the series ...

New NUS research building to train students using virtual reality simulation


The National University of Singapore is developing two "Virtual Reality Simulation" projects for use in training ...

6 individuals win Honourable Mention Award at Healthcare Humanity Awards


The annual event recognises inspirational role models who exemplify courage, compassion and selflessness.  

DBS Bank books record earnings for fiscal first year

Business Singapore

Singapore’s biggest lender DBS Bank’s net profit for the three months ended in March came in at S$1.27 billion – its ...

Singaporeans await evacuation from Nepal; some remain uncontactable


A Singaporean supposed to be flying home on Monday night (Apr 27) via the RSAF plane said she and a few others are now ...

SAF planes to assist Nepal quake relief efforts diverted


Three Singapore military planes bound for Nepal have been diverted to India due to air traffic congestion at Kathmandu ...

PM Lee opens Singapore High Commission chancery in KL


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says the launch of the chancery is a good way to mark the progress of Singapore-Malaysia ...

PM Lee urges ASEAN to "press on" in ASEAN Community bid


Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urges leaders to press on in the area of services liberalisation, and called ...

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