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Lee Kuan Yew - We Bid Farewell

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

 A half hour special capturing tributes to Mr Lee Kuan Yew as the nation mourns the death of its first prime minister.

Stress-free Delivery

Health Matters

How important are ante-natal classes? We get the lowdown from a doctor on Health Matters, as we look at taking the ...

Stress-free Delivery

Health Matters

How important are ante-natal classes? We get the lowdown from a doctor on Health Matters, as we look at taking the ...

Being The Best

Lots More

Going into the nerve centre of Changi Airport to find out how the world's best stays ahead of the game. Timothy Go ...

Get Your Lab Coats On

Lots More

Lab coats and gloves on for the science behind nutritional products. We take a sneak peek at the state of the art ...

Japan’s economy & global currencies

News & Views

The Bank of Japan has released the findings of its first quarter Tankan Survery. Jeffrey Halley of Saxo Capital Markets ...

Scars of War

Asia Exposed S3
Episode 5

Laos is the most-bombed country in the world per capita. 80million bombs are un-detonated, forming a massive death trap ...

Towards a Smart Nation

Future Forward S2
Episode 12

Technology is all around us, in our lives and in the places we live. Here in Singapore, the aim is to be a Smart Nation ...

Backaches and Video Games


Can playing video games really cure chronic back pain? That's what one new technology promises. We find out on Tech ...

Earth Hour 2015

Lots More

Climate change - how real is it, and what can we do about it? We ask the chair of Earth Hour Global, who'll join us in ...

The US economy and stocks


Will the strong dollar hurt the bottom line of US firms in the upcoming earnings season? Vasu Menon of OCBC Bank speaks ...

Searching for a breakthrough in US stocks

News & Views

Can stocks on the s&p 500 reach new highs? Sani Hamid of Financial Alliance give us his views.

News Clips

Pakistan's possible involvement in Yemen conflict stirs controversy

Asia Pacific

A Pakistani delegation is in Saudi Arabia to discuss Pakistan’s possible military role in fighting Shia rebels in Yemen ...

Consumers, businesses confused as Malaysia implements GST

Asia Pacific

Malaysia has implemented a 6 per cent goods and services tax to increase and diversify its revenue base. The broad ...

Human rights groups concerned about future of Thailand's democracy

Asia Pacific

While many look forward to the end of martial law in Thailand, some human right groups have expressed concerned over ...

Obstacles in the way of China-Japan maritime crisis hotline: Observers

Even though both sides hope to set up a maritime communications hotline, obstacles remain, say observers.

Refreshed Toggle set to be switched on


Toggle's revamped website will have new features and more original content. 

Of marriage and singlehood: A look at Gazan women's plight


They are single, not so much by choice, but because of their circumstances. How are they coping with being single, in ...

Teething pains as new Goods and Service Tax in Malaysia starts today

Asia Pacific

"I want to tell you that Apr 1 is no April's Fool Day; GST will be implemented definitely," said Malaysian Deputy ...

Taxi fare restructuring will have minimal impact on drivers: Taxi association


The National Taxi Association, however, hopes the need for premium taxis to have one unit fare will not lead to higher ...

23 patients recognised for bravery while facing serious illnesses


Nine caregivers were also recognised for their determination to help their loved ones overcome their illnesses in the ...

Tokyo district recognizes same-sex partnerships


A district assembly in Tokyo became the first in Japan on Tuesday to recognize same-sex partnerships, a major step ...

Malaysia arrests three news editors for sedition: Police

Asia Pacific

Police have arrested three editors from a Malaysian news portal and charged them with sedition, their lawyers and ...

A closer look at Parkinson’s disease


The Parkinson Society Singapore estimates that some 4,000 people suffer from the disease in Singapore. It affects about ...

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