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All The Small Things: Hairdryers, Cooking Stoves and Water Heaters

The Big Idea
Episode 5

Drying our hair, cooking and taking hot showers are some of the things we can easily do today thanks to basic ...

The Botanic Gardens – Stories & Secrets

Documentaries / Specials

The Singapore Botanic Gardens holds a unique and significant place in the history of not only Singapore but the region ...

Uncertainty about Greece

First Look Asia

How will any fallout from the Greek debt crisis affect Asia? Asoka Woehrmann of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management ...

Trustworthy Reviews?

First Look Asia

Travellers have long used TripAdvisor to research their holidays. But can you trust all the reviews on this site? We ...

They Live Among Us

First Look Asia

Robots with intelligence AND feelings? We meet Pepper, the first emotionally intelligent robot from Japan. Is the world ...

Sharada Selvanathan

The Successors S4
Episode 5

Sharada Selvanathan's financial skills have earned her a key role in her family's huge and diverse conglomerate. Now ...

Replaceable Me

The Big Idea
Episode 3

Host Justin Bratton explores how cutting-edge technologies are creating human organs and parts that are as good as its ...

Drinking isn't Hydrating

Documentaries / Specials

Many Singaporeans run to keep fit but are not hydrating their bodies the right way. This can affect their health and ...

Singapore Street Festival: A Sneak Preview

First Look Asia

Spraying, flipping and lots of grooving. It’s more than child’s play. We check out what’s in store at the Singapore ...

Pearly Whites

First Look Asia

Discoloured teeth due to too much fluoride? Is it the problem in our tap water or toothpaste?  A dentist explains it ...

Greece in unchartered waters

First Look Asia

With Greek banks and its stock market shut today, will there be more mayhem come tomorrow's deadline? We ask Vasu Menon ...

Trailer: Market Outlook Special - 2015 H2

Money Mind
Episode 13

We're halfway into 2015 - and uncertainty reigns in financial markets. We talk to the experts on what you can be more ...

News Clips

Timor Leste's youth take up skills training to boost employability

Asia Pacific

Timor Leste's unemployment rate stands at 11 per cent, and the country's youth are taking up courses after leaving ...

EU leaders urge Greeks to vote 'yes' to stay in euro


Financial analyst Stephen Leeb speaks of how the potential exit of Greece from the eurozone could open new trade and ...

Medical condition of recaptured US convict upgraded



US Supreme Court backs use of controversial lethal injection drug


The US Supreme Court has upheld the use of a specific drug for capital punishment cases, and at a time when many ...

Travellers need to know what to do in case of emergency: Industry players


As more Singaporeans head overseas to take part in music festivals and other events, industry players said it is ...

Vietnam business reform

Between the Lines

As Vietnam undertakes the most sweeping reforms to business regulation in 25 years, Between The Lines considers the ...

Schools put in place measures to guard against MERS


Apart from requiring travel declarations, some schools such as National Junior College are stepping up temperature ...

SingPost to launch SG50 augmented reality stamps


To celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee and Singapore hosting the World Stamp Exhibition for the first time, SingPost ...

Legend trading debuts in Hong Kong


Shares of Lenovo’s parent firm Legend Holdings had an upbeat start to its first trading day as Roland Lim finds out. 

Pressure on China as rate cut falls


China’s central bank surprises with a weekend rate cut as falling markets raise concerns.  

Flash sales, SG50 party to mark extension of Pedestrian Night


Special deals and discounts by stores and malls along the Orchard Road stretch are just some of the things visitors can ...

Islamic State cannot be contained, has to be defeated: Tony Abbott


Speaking at the 35th Singapore Lecture held at the Shangri-La Hotel, the Australian Prime Minister warns that more and ...

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