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Shaking Up The Bar Industry

First Look Asia

Besides the shakers and the strainers - how about ultrasonic sound waves to mix your drink? A behind-the-scenes look at ...

Singapore’s Growth Engine

First Look Asia

The recovery in prices of oil is and memory chip components prop up Singapore's economic growth in the final quarter of ...

Stop Business

Finding Singapore

Getting millions of people to stop doing their business out in the open is tough. But Singaporean Jack Sim is trying.

Cars that look for parking

Documentaries / Specials

Bosch is creating a community-based carpark-finding sensor that takes away the pain of looking for parking yourself.

Wearable Robots

Documentaries / Specials

Japan wants to increase its robot population to about 1 million. But not to take over jobs. 


To Live
Episode 3

In interwoven stories, we hear from two victims of trafficking. Pon, from Thailand, was stuck on fishing boats for nine ...

Eve Saosarin (Cambodia)

ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs)
Episode 8

Eve Saosarin grew up in a refugee camp and returned to Cambodia with his family penniless. Looking beyond his own ...

Nirmala Sitharaman

Conversation With S12
Episode 17

In Nov last year, India's government declared the 500 and 1000 rupee notes non-legal tender - making 86% of cash in ...

Lessons Of War

Episode 40

Will the rise of nationalist sentiments trigger another major war among the big powers?

Review of Jackie & 2017 Bafta Awards

First Look Asia

We review Jackie, a compelling biopic about US former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. And did La La Land really ...

Behind-The-Scenes Of Prism

First Look Asia

A timeless play that questions the benefits of progress and development in Singapore. While examining the social cost ...

Global economic improvements also lending support to equity markets.

First Look Asia

Global economic improvements also lending support to equity markets. We spoke with Geoff Lewis, Senior Asia Strategist ...

News Clips

How will a 'Global Innovation Alliance' help startups in Singapore flourish?


The Committee on the Future Economy has suggested authorities set up a "Global Innovation Alliance" - a network to help ...

More can be done to spur innovation in businesses: Observers

Business Singapore

Companies in Singapore have cited business costs and a tightening labour market as some of the key challenges they face ...

Subletting rules for residential units being reviewed

As the sharing economy gains momentum in Singapore, authorities are studying proposals to have a new private home ...

Retail investors more cautious about overseas property deals


Two recent charges against local real estate firms promoting overseas residential investments have put the spotlight ...

US-China relationship key to stability of APAC region: Ng Eng Hen

Asia Pacific

How the US and China engage with each other and Asian countries will be key to the stability of the Asia Pacific (APAC) ...

More than 1,000 in Hong Kah North learn terrorist attack survival skills


More than 1,000 residents in Hong Kan North spent their Sunday (Feb 19) morning learning about the SGSecure movement ...

Medical treatment, new family for Philippine boy with tumour on his face


In Los Angeles, an 11-year-old boy from the Philippines abandoned by his mother at the age of five has found a new ...

The mark of history on Taiwan's Grand Hotel

Asia Pacific

The first five-star hotel in Taiwan, built in 1952, has a museum where pictures on the wall marked some of the major ...

Malaysia searching for 4 more North Korean suspects in Kim Jong Nam murder

Asia Pacific

Malaysian police said on Sunday that they were looking for four more North Korean suspects, but a police source told ...

Budget 2017: Calls for more flexible work options to help young families


Singapore's tepid economy has led to growing concerns over cost of living and job security. According to government ...

Religious organisations play a critical role in countering terror threat: MCCY


“Singapore counts on our religious leaders to work with the Government to be prepared for terror threats and help ...

From harvesting vegetables to crafting wood: Kampung Kampus offers space to learn and play


A new community space called Kampung Kampus has opened at the former Bottle Tree Park in Khatib which will house DIY ...

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