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Singapore’s Stock Market

First Look Asia

What’s the outlook for Singapore’s STI by the end of the year? Kevin Scully of NRA Capital gives us his take. 

Beyond The Barricade: Preview

First Look Asia

From Les Miserables to Miss Saigon, singers from the musical Beyond the Barricade take on the best of the music world ...

Nathan Blecharczyk

Conversation With S11
Episode 22

Over a million people in the world have put up their room, house, apartment, castle, for rent on this modern-day bed ...

Mecca Tragedies

Episode 26

Tragic accidents have claimed the lives of thousands of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia's holiest city, Mecca in the last ...

In Studio: Eric Valli

First Look Asia

Meet Eric Valli – the director of award-winning film "Himalaya", who’s also a renowned photographer. We find out more ...

Reviewing Pan and Straight Outta Compton

First Look Asia

We check out Hugh Jackman as the ruthless pirate Blackbeard in "Pan" – a new take on the classic fairy tale Peter Pan ...

China's Plan To Change The World

The New Silk Road
Episode 1

The New Silk Road is China's US$200 billion plan to create new trading routes, and galvanize its slowing economy. In ...

Fuel Efficient Driving

First Look Asia

A little goes a long way, and a little change in driving style can make a big difference in the fuel consumed. Even if ...

The Singapore Jewel Fest 2015

First Look Asia

Lots of sparkle and shine on the set. As we get a first look at some exquisite pieces from this year's Singapore Jewel ...

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

First Look Asia

Is Japan trying to export its way out of a slump through the TPP deal? Simon Baptist of the Economist Intelligence Unit ...

Rethinking Classical Music

First Look Asia

Many children in Asia are sent for classical music lessons. But how many really enjoy the process? We find out more ...

Air Purifiers

First Look Asia

They're the hottest pieces of tech on the market during this haze season. Our producer tests out some of the latest air ...

News Clips

Peer support training helps those recovering from mental illness to gain confidence


Those recovering from mental illness and their caregivers can get more support in the journey to recovery. Caregivers ...

Singaporeans must not depend on others to clean up after them: Masagos


The newly-appointed Environment and Water Resources Minister also says that cleanliness must remain a part of the first ...

New nature park opens on Coney Island


Boasting rare flora and fauna, the park seeks to enhance and protect the wide variety of habitats found in the area.

Tennis: Organisers expect 'sold-out' WTA Finals Singapore


Organisers say ticket sales have been good for the season-ending women's tennis event, despite defending champion ...

Singapore animal welfare group shares tips on lift safety for dog owners


Action for Singapore Dogs explains the "standard lift protocol" for dog owners and their pets, in view of the lift ...

How do surgeons decide whether to reattach a severed hand?


An expert reveals the factors considered by doctors before hand replantation, in the wake of a lift accident in which ...

Elderly woman in stable condition after Tah Ching Road lift accident


It is understood that the woman was returning from walking her dog when its leash got caught between the lift doors as ...

Establish what happened, learn from experience, do better: PM Lee on SGH Hepatitis C cluster


Speaking at the official opening of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital on Saturday (Oct 10), PM Lee Hsien Loong says the ...

More hospitals needed as patient numbers rise due to ageing population: PM Lee


Both Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital will add much-needed capacity to Singapore's ...

Singapore team helping Indonesia fight haze-causing forest fires deployed


In a press release on Saturday (Oct 10), the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) says the 34-member SAF team is accompanied by ...

Animal hunting: A look at its boons and banes


Animal hunting has recently been thrown in the spotlight worldwide, after the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe ...

Isolated North Korea says ready for war with US as it marks anniversary

Asia Pacific

Isolated North Korea marked the 70th anniversary of its ruling Workers' Party on Saturday with a massive military ...

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