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The Problem of Smoking

First Look Asia

Smoking kills nearly 6 million people each year. Yet there remains more than 1 billion smokers worldwide. On World No ...

Impact on yen and Japanese equities from a delay in Japan’s sales tax increase

First Look Asia

Is Japan's Prime Minister just kicking the can down the road if he delays the sales tax hike? We spoke with Lee Kian ...

Tech-Know's Top Five

First Look Asia

Games, gadgets and gizmos galore! What made Tech-Know's Top Five for May? Find out if your favourite made our list.

No Man Works Alone

Episode 9

After 3 months of Vocation Training, Bravo Company is reunited at Hendon Camp, 1st Commando Battalion. If they thought ...

Sharing Of Ideas (Part 2)

New World Without Strangers
Episode 9

Makers are not only collaborating with like-minded individuals on their pet projects, they are also working with ...

US interest rate and Japan's plan to delay a sales tax rise

First Look Asia

Friday's US non-farm payrolls report; and will delaying Japan sales tax rise send a message that Abenomics has failed ...

It's all about the sound

First Look Asia

We don't often get to see the sound team of a major Hollywood film execute their craft. Join us as we delve into the ...

Against all odds

First Look Asia

He survived stage four prostate cancer. 10 years on, this sprightly 81-year-old is fitter and happier than ever. What ...

Will Duterte Rule Like Marcos?


Rody Duterte wants Congress to bring back the death penalty to the ‎Philippines. INSIGHT looks at whether his tough ...

Sneak Preview of the DBS Marina Regatta 2016

First Look Asia

How does a weekend with live dragon boating racing, great food, and live music sound?   We'll you’re in for a treat if ...

On The Table: Kerby The Food Truck

First Look Asia

From fun on the water to delicious treats - there is something for everyone at the DBS Marina Regatta. We get up close ...

Outlook on oil prices and equities amid talks of a Fed rate hike as early as June

First Look Asia

Is US$50/barrel a sell-off point for oil and has Wall Street run ahead of itself. We spoke with Bernard Aw, Market ...

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European stocks firm as US rate fear loses grip


Equities markets across the world firmed on Monday as investors lost their fear of higher US interest rates, focusing ...

Tower Transit's first weekday of service: How did it measure up?


Tower Transit started its first weekday of service on Monday (May 30). Transport analyst Lee Der Horng weighs in on how ...

Singapore train operators should emulate Taipei counterpart: Khaw


Following a trip led by the Land Transport Authority to Taipei to learn from its train system, Transport Minister Khaw ...

Asian economies need to undergo reform, restructuring to achieve higher growth: ESM Goh


Speaking at the annual Nikkei "Future of Asia" Conference in Tokyo, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong touched on ...

Higher firm churn could change overall landscape of manufacturing: Experts

Business Singapore

Domestic restructuring efforts and slower growth conditions have led to high firm churn - or the rate of entry and exit ...

Rising sea levels could pose threat to Singapore's marine biodiversity: Expert


Rising sea levels and higher water temperatures could be a threat to Singapore's marine biodiversity. Parts of some ...

Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council appoints PWC as accountant


Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council appoints PricewaterhouseCoopers as accountant after Punggol East was transferred from ...

Noble Group says CEO resigns, sells US energy unit

Business Singapore

Senior executives William Randall and Jeff Frase have been appointed as co-chief executive officers, says the Singapore ...

Adequate planning key to mitigating 'urban heat island' effect: Teo Ho Pin


High-rise buildings which block wind and have large surfaces to absorb heat, the lack of vegetation and the heat ...

Singapore to trial world's first tropical data centre

Business Singapore

This is to see if data centres can function optimally at temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius and ambient humidity ...

'Much untapped potential': President Tony Tan reflects on Italy state visit


“Italy is looking forward to expand beyond its traditional markets in the EU, US, and China. It’s looking for new ...

Singapore must take advantage of technologies to create better jobs: DPM Tharman


Addressing students at the annual Pre-University Seminar, DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam said there is a "real fear" that ...

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