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Millennials On Mobile

First Look Asia

Kale, quinoa, acai... the list goes on. Food fads that millennials can't get enough of these days. Find out how one ...

Mobile World Congress

First Look Asia

Smartphone manufacturers are showing off their best at the world's largest mobile trade show. Tech-Know finds out which ...

Trump Watch

First Look Asia

Investors await Donald Trump's speech at Congress as they seek clarity on his tax reform plans. We speak with Vasu ...

Food For Good

Singapore Food Stories
Episode 3

Joan Bowen Cafe hires staff who are intellectually challenged while Breakthrough Cafe takes in those with a criminal ...

Breathing Better With Asthma

First Look Asia

More than 230 million around the world suffer from asthma - an inflammatory disease of the lungs' airways. Yet, it ...

Box Office: The Return

First Look Asia

A human story that blends loss, change and beliefs through the perspective of a former political detainee... We sat ...

Trump Bump

First Look Asia

The rally in global equity markets is expected to continue, with potential downside likely to be limited. We spoke with ...

The Future Of Work

Challenge Tommorrow
Episode 2

Rapid changes in technology have caused upheaval in the world of work. It creates new industries and jobs that require ...

Singapore Budget 2017

Money Mind

Singapore Budget 2017 - tackling today's challenges while laying out the economic transformation roadmap for tomorrow ...


Bridging Giants
Episode 6

Music and television in Vietnam is partly influenced by the Chinese. Vinh, a musical conductor bridges the two ...


To Live
Episode 4

Erwiana and Saw were detained and abused under very different circumstances. Erwiana worked as a maid in Hong Kong, and ...

On The Table: Home-cooked Comfort

First Look Asia

Too tired or busy to whip up a home-cooked meal yourself? Well listen up - A new platform is linking home chefs with ...

News Clips

US, South Korea and Japan discuss sanctions on Pyongyang


Senior US, South Korean and Japanese officials met on Monday to discuss how better to enforce international sanctions ...

Fresh Dow record as Wall Street climbs to positive finish


The blue-chip Dow on Monday floated upwards to notch another record finish as Wall Street again crept to a winning ...

20,000 workers matched to new careers in 2016


Some 20,000 workers found new careers through schemes under the government's Adapt and Grow initiatives - and employers ...

Polyclinics to help reduce hospital patient load in the west


The new group of National University Polyclinics will expand their services to treat more conditions like diabetes ...

Small- and medium-sized law firms get help to go digital with S$2.8m programme


Under the new Tech Start for Law programme launched on Monday (Feb 27), law firms which buy certain technology-related ...

Bilateral ties between Singapore and China are long-standing and broad-based: DPM Teo

Asia Pacific

BEIJING: Bilateral relations between Singapore and China are long-standing and broad-based, and the depth and breadth ...

Dow posts string of record closes


In the last 37 days since Donald Trump was elected as US President, Wall Street has posted a string of record closes ...

Phonemakers pile in to exploit Samsung's weakness

Asia Pacific

Chinese phonemakers are piling in to fill a gap in the market left by Samsung, who are still licking its wounds from a ...

Malaysia's Petronas, Saudi Aramco to enter US$7b oil refinery deal

Asia Pacific

Saudi Arabia's state oil company will invest US$7 billion into an oil refinery to be set up by Malaysian oil company ...

Upskilling workers for the future economy: No one-size-fits-all for training


Budget 2017 calls for everyone to join forces in reskilling workers for the future economy. In this week's Spotlight ...

Malaysia rolls out red carpet as Saudi king kicks off Asia tour


Malaysia welcomed Saudi Arabia's King Salman on Sunday for the start of a rare, month-long Asian tour, where the ...

Kim Jong Nam suffered painful death within 20 minutes of attack: Malaysian minister


Kim Jong Nam was dead within 20 minutes of being attacked and would have suffered a "very painful death" as his major ...

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