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The Significance Of Orders, According to 4-year-olds

Don't Kid Around

Put a bunch of 4-year-olds in a room with a delicious cake, and tell them: No touching. What do they do?

Emotional Intelligence, According to 4-year-olds | Don’t Kid Around

Don't Kid Around

How do you navigate the perplexing universe of other people’s emotions? These 4-year-olds in #DontKidAround show us.

The Art Of Happiness, According to 4-year-olds

Don't Kid Around

How to be happy in the face of life's ups and downs? Maybe these 4-year-olds can show us a thing or two.

The Big Cut | It Figures

It Figures S4

How can you give spoilt things a new lease of life? This Singapore University of Technology & Design research scientist ...

Australia’s Top Classical Talent

First Look Asia

They'll be here in Singapore for a one-off concert. The founder of the Australian World Orchestra tells us how Asia's ...

Vaccinations: DO or DIE?

First Look Asia

According to reports, globally, more parents are choosing NOT to vaccinate their children. Are parents putting their ...

Global markets and impact from US Presidential election

First Look Asia

Will we see more market volatility as we head into the presidential election? We speak to Vasu Menon, Senior Investment ...

What Works What Doesn't

Money Mind
Episode 26

"An economy that works for everyone" - but is Clinton's campaign pledge more of an ideal than an economic plan? And, in ...

Luxury Outdoors

Luxe Asia 3
Episode 4

We hit the great outdoors in search of some action and adventure – Luxe Asia style. Sarah goes big game fishing in the ...

Not Special, Just Me

CNA Insider

17-year-old Chester was diagnosed with mild autism when he was three years old. He started getting bullied in his ...

On The Table: Italian Staple

First Look Asia

Thick crust or thin? Hold the anchovies? How about some crab to go with that pizza? On The Table looks at the market in ...

China’s Stock Market and Economy

First Look Asia

China's stock market is Asia's worst performing in 2016, are valuations cheap? We speak to Michelle Leung, CEO of ...

News Clips

US lays criminal charges against Chinese firm tied to North Korea nukes


The US Justice Department is taking action against a China-based firm for conspiring to evade US economic sanctions in ...

Is the United Nations still relevant today?


Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Koh, a former ambassador to the UN, speaks to Channel NewsAsia’s Dawn Tan on the relevance of ...

All 60 places filled at SIM University's new law school


The law school, which had received 388 applications, was set up to build a pipeline of lawyers in family and criminal ...

Promoting spirit of giving in Chua Chu Kang GRC's Nanyang ward


Needy residents of the ward can look forward to free coffee and tea at two coffeshops; these are funded by customers ...

A look at Singapore's growing dance scene


The National Arts Council says it has seen a 20 per cent increase in the number of dance companies in Singapore. Many ...

Uber launches features to help the hearing-impaired work as drivers


Uber says that it currently has 20 hearing impaired drivers in Singapore and plans to recruit more. 

Local broadcast programmes have improved in diversity, quality: MDA committees


The committees, comprising members of the public across different demographics, said one area of improvement was in ...

HDB to look into whether reinforcement bars were in place for fallen sunbreaker


HDB is carrying out “detailed checks” with Tampines Town Council in three other neighbouring blocks with similar ...

Singapore manufacturing output up 0.1% in August after July slump


Excluding biomedical manufacturing, manufacturing output grew 2.3 per cent year-on-year, according to data released by ...

Micron opens expanded flash memory facility in Singapore


Located at North Coast Drive, the Fab 10 facility was expanded at a cost of around US$4 billion dollars (S$5.4 billion) ...

More family-friendly features mooted for Singapore's transport system


A design to allow open prams on buses, nursing rooms at bus interchanges and integrated transport hubs as well as dual ...

Workplace fatal injuries up 40% in first half of 2016


There were 42 workplace fatal injuries in the first half of 2016, compared to 30 for the same period in 2015, according ...

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