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Scars of War

Asia Exposed S3
Episode 5

Laos is the most-bombed country in the world per capita. 80million bombs are un-detonated, forming a massive death trap ...

Backaches and Video Games


Can playing video games really cure chronic back pain? That's what one new technology promises. We find out on Tech ...

Earth Hour 2015

Lots More

Climate change - how real is it, and what can we do about it? We ask the chair of Earth Hour Global, who'll join us in ...

The US economy and stocks


Will the strong dollar hurt the bottom line of US firms in the upcoming earnings season? Vasu Menon of OCBC Bank speaks ...

Searching for a breakthrough in US stocks

News & Views

Can stocks on the s&p 500 reach new highs? Sani Hamid of Financial Alliance give us his views.

Trailer: The Way Forward

Money Mind
Episode 42

The dilemma of family businesses - letting an outsider manage your company. And, why integrated developments are still ...

Alternative Investments: Risk & Rewards

Investor Insights
Episode 13

The world's 12 million super rich are said to have diversified their portfolios by allocating 20% of their wealth in so ...

Wartime Singapore

Documentaries / Specials

In a ground breaking ‘living history’ experiment, one Singaporean family travels back to the dark years of the Japanese ...

The Passing of a True Patriot

Episode 46

He was an architect behind Singapore’s rapid transformation and gave the once fledgling nation hope for the future. How ...

Bhupendra Modi In Studio


Businessman, philanthropist, author and an advocate of a world without barriers. Dr Bhupendra Modi who's just won ...

Bubble brewing on the Nasdaq?

News & Views

Are the big valuations for biotech stocks, stoking fears of a bubble on the Nasdaq? Howie Lee of Phillip Futures speaks ...

Sneak Preview: Wartime Stories

Lots More

One Singapore family goes back in time to experience life in Japanese occupied Singapore. Why did they do it? We spoke ...

News Clips

Teething pains as new Goods and Service Tax in Malaysia starts today

Asia Pacific

"I want to tell you that Apr 1 is no April's Fool Day; GST will be implemented definitely," said Malaysian Deputy ...

Taxi fare restructuring will have minimal impact on drivers: Taxi association


The National Taxi Association, however, hopes the need for premium taxis to have one unit fare will not lead to higher ...

23 patients recognised for bravery while facing serious illnesses


Nine caregivers were also recognised for their determination to help their loved ones overcome their illnesses in the ...

Tokyo district recognizes same-sex partnerships


A district assembly in Tokyo became the first in Japan on Tuesday to recognize same-sex partnerships, a major step ...

Malaysia arrests three news editors for sedition: Police

Asia Pacific

Police have arrested three editors from a Malaysian news portal and charged them with sedition, their lawyers and ...

A closer look at Parkinson’s disease


The Parkinson Society Singapore estimates that some 4,000 people suffer from the disease in Singapore. It affects about ...

World Street Food Congress returns to Singapore


The World Street Food Congress will be held from Apr 8 to 12 at the open field opposite Bugis Junction.

YouTuber Amos Yee charged, bail set at S$20,000


Yee, 16, was on Tuesday charged with multiple offences, including Section 289 of the Penal Code for "deliberate ...

500 condolence cards for Mr Lee Kuan Yew on display at National Museum


They were selected from the 18,000 collected outside the Istana - contributed by members of the public last week. The ...

Jokowi’s Balancing Act

Between the Lines

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has returned from Japan and China, armed with promises of investment worth more than ...

China-led AIIB can help Singapore cast wider net in sharing expertise: Experts


This also means greater opportunities for local firms to participate in infrastructure projects in developing countries.

Singapore equities could be on the rebound: Analysts

Business Singapore

Analysts say interest in equities could be due to other asset classes being less attractive. They remain optimistic ...

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