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Coffee With The Boss: Bert Wong

First Look Asia

A rare breed in these modern times... Bert Wong has been with the same company for the past 36 years. Lance speaks to ...

Wicked The Musical

First Look Asia

When Wicked humour rules... We speak with the leading ladies of the musical for a sneak peak into the friendship ...

Repair Kopitiam

It Figures S4

Thinking of throwing away that fan of yours that just won’t work anymore? Why not try to fix it (for free) with these ...

Tech-Know's Top 5 For August

First Look Asia

From a smart-phone with a good camera to cordless earphones. Tech Know brings you the Top 5 gadgets for August. Find ...

New Age Of Archaeology

First Look Asia

Using cutting edge tech to unearth history. We meet one of the leaders in the field of technology-enabled exploration.

Wall Street And US Economy

First Look Asia

Outlook on Fed rate hike, with 3 FOMC meetings left in 2016. We spoke with Vasu Menon, Senior Investment Strategist ...

Dealing with Zika virus

First Look Asia

What more can be done in the screening process and what are the facts and myths when it comes to preventing Zika? We ...

Recognising Addiction

First Look Asia

People with addictions can't control their compulsion to consume a substance, or engage in a behaviour. But addictions ...

Credit Cards: Use Them Right

First Look Asia

It could bring you a savings or leave you in debt. Find out how to get the best out of your credit card in the first of ...

Outcome of Jackson Hole Symposium, Outlook on global equities

First Look Asia

Will we see another round of market volatility when the Fed eventually raise interest rate? We spoke with Ric Spooner ...

What A Ride!

First Look Asia

Bicycles and cycling are his life's work. We meet Max Mager to find out more about what he does and what he was up to ...

Will there be an ASEAN - 5 years from now?

Think Tank
Episode 4

What would ASEAN look like in the next 5 years? Will there even be ASEAN? Will ASEAN be a relevant regional governance ...

News Clips

Kerry calls on China, Philippines to abide by tribunal ruling on South China Sea

Asia Pacific

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday called on China and the Philippines to abide by an international ...

North Korea executes vice premier for education

Asia Pacific

North Korea has executed its highest ranking education official. 

Malaysia arrests 3 IS militants suspected of planning terror attacks

Asia Pacific

The Malaysian police announced on Wednesday (Aug 31) they have arrested three suspected Islamic State militants who ...

PM Najib stresses unity, says Malaysia is not a failed state

Asia Pacific

Reflecting on the country's 59 years of independence, Mr Najib Razak said the people should treasure "moments of unity" ...

Wall Street ends lower as EU's Apple tax decision draws ire


Wall Street closed marginally lower on Tuesday as US officials reacted angrily to European authorities' decision to ...

Ng Eng Hen, Brunei Sultan reaffirm close bilateral defence ties


During his two-day trip to Brunei, the Defence Minister also visited Exercise Pelican, a bilateral flagship naval ...

MP Tin Pei Ling calls on pregnant MacPherson residents concerned about Zika


There are currently about seven pregnant women living in the affected Aljunied Crescent area, while another 20 more ...

Zika test kit ready for use: A*STAR scientists


A diagnostic kit that can simultaneously test for Zika, dengue and chikungunya is ready for use, say a team of A*STAR ...

Singapore will spare no effort to improve maritime safety: Khaw


Singapore is sparing no effort to improve safety at sea, said Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister of ...

Man goes on trial for Sheng Siong kidnapping


On Jan 8, 2014, 44-year-old retail sales executive Lee Sze Yong kidnapped 79-year-old Mdm Ng Lye Poh, whose son runs ...

2 Bangladeshi men jailed in Singapore for financing terrorism


Zzaman Daulat, 34, and Mamum Leakot Ali, 29, had previously denied the charges brought against them under the Terrorism ...

UN chief Ban Ki-moon receives honorary degree from NUS


According to the National University of Singapore, the award recognises Mr Ban Ki-moon’s unique and remarkable ...

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