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The shape of your shoe can help you achieve nicer looking feet HERO

Not all feet are the same – how to choose the right shoe shape for a flattering look

Find yours too big, too wide or simply not proportionate? Here’s how you can beautify them by picking a pair that's most ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

Eric, baby Elliot and Wei Shi, a family full of hopes — and fears too. (Photo: Goh Chiew Tong)

They grieved when their baby was born blind. Now they see a world of possibilities for him

Eric and Wei Shi panicked at first: How could they raise Elliot to be like everyone else? Would he lag developmentally? Could ...


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Many are hoping the meeting among Malaysia's royals will provide a reset of Malaysian politics after six months of stasis.

Prof James Chin highlights the high expectations that the upcoming Conference of Rulers can turn the tide for Malaysia.

Malaysian King speech
Commentary Commentary: Will Malaysian king take PM Muhyiddin’s government to task for huge COVID-19 mess?
It’s practically a miracle that the Internet stays up as long as it does.

Cybersecurity observers Bryan Tan and Benjamin Ang lay out the implications of another widespread Internet outage

Reddit down Jun 8
Commentary Commentary: What if another widespread Internet outage happens?
Companies in the construction sector would have by now realised the drawbacks of being overly reliant on foreign labour.

Labour economist Kelvin Seah urges companies to jettison their resistance to automation and the adoption of newer technologies

Foreign workers singapore
Commentary Commentary: Foreign labour shortages in construction sector is a wake-up call for change
It was an eerie journey through empty hallways at Changi Airport with personnel in full PPE, and always a niggling concern in the back of my mind whether we would be let through the immigration controls in Germany.

Greg Lim-Lange describes the twists and turns in flying to meet his mother during COVID-19

(cr) Separated by Covid
Commentary Commentary: A precious chance to see my ageing mother in Germany after being separated by COVID-19
The overall market for eating out may be getting saturated ... Every new restaurant may just be just taking away a share of the same barely growing pie.

SMU’s Dr Seshan Ramaswami predicts the F&B industry will experience severe disruption beyond the pandemic.

Marina Bay Sands (1)
Commentary Commentary: Does Singapore just have too many F&B outlets?
People who use their phones more heavily during the hours before bedtime sleep later by 40 minutes on average, compared with a group of light phone users.

NUS researchers Stijn Massar and Michael Chee explain the phenomenon of bedtime procrastination

Woman in bed who can't sleep
Commentary Commentary: Revenge bedtime procrastination in Singapore is coming at a cost

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Race To Feed The World

In the next 30 years, we need to produce more food than we have ever produced in human history. But Asia's food security is already under immense ...

In Conversation

In Conversation 2021/2022

CNA's one-on-one interview show that has been running for 20 years is back with more exclusive conversations with the people who matter, when it ...

CNA Correspondent

CNA Correspondent

Highlights of news stories and features by CNA's network of Correspondents based in major cities across the region.

Money Mind

Money Mind 2021/2022

Money Mind tells you how to make the most of your money with tips for investors, business ideas for businessmen and analysis of the economy, ...

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