Forget a ‘new normal’ - Experts say Australia’s worst bushfires still lie ahead

"The new normal is continuous change. As soon as we start to think we’re on top of climate change, new things will happen that we’re not able to ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

What dinner might be made of in future.

Crickets, algae, soya discard — 3 foods of the future, made in Singapore

Food production is seeing an unprecedented wave of innovation, raising questions about whether eating processed lab food, for ...

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Insider Majulah Singapura original version

Five things you didn’t know about these symbols of Singaporean nationhood

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One Day That Changed Asia

In just one day, a whole world can be transformed. An act of terror can bring neighbours to the edge of war; a religious movement can attempt to ...

The Next Wave

The Next Wave

Millennial Parents. Eco-consumers. Middle-Aged Men In Lycra (MAMILs).   Meet the next wave of consumers with a rising spending power. In each ...

In Our Time

In Our Time

So, you think you know everything about the sixties, seventies, and eighties? Or the nineties and “noughties”? As we celebrate the start of a new ...

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asian voices

We must firmly reject more extreme positions (of opening) the floodgates and drown Singaporeans … But neither can we close our borders and reject foreigners in our workforce.

Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing on the fine balancing act on hiring foreign workers

Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing in Parliament on Jan 6, 2020
Singapore Balanced approach to foreign workers needed to ensure continued creation of good jobs for Singaporeans: Chan Chun Sing
I'm afraid that it might erupt ... but I'll leave it to fate. I just have to pray.

Eduardo Carino, who works in a hotel near Philippine’s Taal volcano

Taal Volcano spews ash and smoke during an eruption
Asia Philippine volcano Taal on alert for 'explosive eruption', halting flights at Manila airport
For the past year, the Mekong River’s ecosystem has been treated badly all the time. If we talk in boxing terms, it has faced a lot of jab punches, but the issue of clear water in the Mekong is the knockout.

Montri Chantawong, who studied the Mekong River for 15 years

Asia 'The colour is blue’: Strange changes to Mekong River as hydropower dams and climate change make their mark
His actions were disgusting, unforgivable. He has massively abused my trust in humanity.

One of the 195 men sexually abused by Manchester rapist Reynhard Sinaga speaks up

Reynhard Sinaga
Asia ‘I hope he rots in hell’: Victims of Indonesian serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga speak out
Crickets aren’t so bad. If it were cockroaches, I’d feel like it may be a different story, whereas crickets are just in the grass, hopping around.

Raavee Shanker, co-founder of Asia Insect Farm solutions, on using crickets in place of flour

Raavee Shanker wants to change mindsets about insects as a food source.
CNA Insider Crickets, algae, soya discard — 3 foods of the future, made in Singapore
We decided against it because we don’t want to compromise on our quality.

Hiap Joo Bakery’s Lim Toh Shian, on why the family has decided against expanding the business

Hiap Joo Bakery manager
Asia 100-year-old oven the secret to famous banana cake in JB bakery

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