Craft beer and spirit makers in Singapore

IN FOCUS: Brewing craft beer and spirits in Singapore - a toast to business success?

With more small breweries and distilleries setting up shop to supply the market with locally-made beer and gin, CNA explores why they are doing so ...

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Luc Andreani foodpanda

Meet the 31-year-old Frenchman who runs foodpanda in Singapore

Amid the panda-mic, foodpanda managing director Luc Andreani is keen to grab marketshare from competitors. We chat with the ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

Hampered by chronic asthma and an old knee injury, Vasoo Kesevan needed help to lose weight.

He couldn’t lose weight on his own. Then he opted for surgery that’s gaining ground

Vasoo Kesevan went from being overweight to morbidly obese, and from being happy to being hurt until he came to a big decision.


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It is also important to know that both short-term and long-term side effects are neither new nor unique to COVID-19 vaccines.

Duke-NUS Medical School’s Ooi Eng Eong argues why we should take the COVID-19 vaccination when offered to us

People wearing protective face masks (10)
Commentary Commentary: Concerns over long-term side effects could hold back Singapore’s COVID-19 vaccination programme
The lack of a timeframe for elections to be pursued has also been glaring, stoking suspicions the military is only concerned with holding onto power despite reassurances they are acting in accordance with the 2008 constitution.

A peaceful resolution is the sensible way forward to the crisis in Myanmar, says political scientist Nehginpao Kipgen

Protest against the military coup in Yangon
Commentary Commentary: With violent crackdowns, is Myanmar passing the point of no return?
Yet these 11 deaths in February were three times more than the monthly average of 3.8 workplace fatalities over the last five years, according to the Workplace Safety and Health Report.

Associate Professor Goh Yang Miang of NUS discusses the reasons behind Singapore's recent spate of workplace accidents

Fire @ No. 32E Tuas Ave 11 (1)
Commentary Commentary: Spate of workplace deaths and what needs addressing in Singapore's safety culture
When I was driving for Uber, I too made use of the flexibility to fetch my kids from their primary school and preschool every weekday.

PeopleStrong’s Adrian Tan suggests that gig economy workers should transition to fulltime work

Private Hire Car Driver - Back view for anonymity
Commentary Commentary: Maybe private-hire drivers and food delivery riders don’t want full-time jobs
Parents of young children will appreciate the complexity of the logistics involved. Coordinating and manoeuvring your kids’ schedules is almost a full-time job but thankfully one made easier by owning our own car.

CNA's Malminderjit Singh discusses the options for parents owning a car in Singapore

Car Showroom (1)
Commentary Commentary: Giving up petrol cars is a lot more difficult for parents
In Japan, Taiwan and South Korea for instance, residents in high-rises have to bring their waste to central disposal bins on ground level where it can be collected by waste collectors.

Singaporeans need to do better in sorting their waste, explains NUS’ Tong Yen Wah

zero waste - blue recycling bin new label
Commentary Commentary: Why does Singapore still lack a recycling ethos?

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