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Fiona Xie uses THIS before bedtime for flawless skin

And you can get it too at Sephora now.

The beauty secrets of celebrities used to be quite a mystery, but now, thanks to Instagram, we get access to the deets on their favourite skincare products straight from their Instagram feeds.

While many local female stars readily share their vanity must-haves on their social media accounts, The Champion actress Fiona Xie has been an exception. Our former cover star has never revealed anything about her beauty regimen to the public. 

Which is why we’re sooo curious: How does Fiona keep her complexion crystal-clear and camera-ready? The 36-year-old star, who plays Kitty Pong in the upcoming Crazy Rich Asians film, finally revealed the one product that she relies on for woe-free skin at a recent beauty event.

And it’s none other than *drumroll…* the Kenzoki Belle De Jour Dream Night Mask. This leave-on cream mask has a mousse-like texture and packs the revitalising power of the White Lotus plant. To be used as the final step of your nighttime skincare routine, this overnight mask promises a brighter complexion by the following morning.

Fiona likes the light and non-greasy feel of the mask, which is a god-send for our weather because nobody wants clogged pores or to go to bed with a sticky face. And it’s not just the mask’s texture that’s won her heart — she’s also in love with its scent.

Get it here. Kenzoki Belle De Jour Dream Night Mask, $136. Get it here.

“After trying it, I even asked if I could eat it because the cream smells like a dessert,” she joked on stage. Can’t wait to try it out yourself? Kenzoki Belle De Jour Dream Night Mask, $136, is available at Sephora. Get it here right now.

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