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Korean actor-singer Kim Hyun-joong helps save a stranger who collapsed

The star rendered first aid to a chef at a restaurant who was unconscious and stayed with him until an ambulance arrived.

Korean actor-singer Kim Hyun-joong helps save a stranger who collapsed

Actor-singer Kim Hyun-joong helped a man who had collapsed. (Photo: Instagram/hyunjoong860606)

Korean actor and singer Kim Hyun-joong may have helped save a man’s life when he came to the aid of a chef who had collapsed in a restaurant. 

The incident happened on Aug 24 but was only publicly made known on Monday (Aug 31).

A chef at a Japanese restaurant had collapsed and Kim, who was outside waiting for a taxi after dining at the place earlier, came back in after hearing shouts from the man’s co-worker for help.

Based on CCTV footage, Kim could be seen supporting the unconscious man’s head to free his airway and also unbuttoning the chef’s shirt.

He massaged the man’s chest and stomach and instructed the other workers to call for an ambulance and to bring him some ice. Kim also talked to the man to try to get him to regain consciousness.

When the paramedics arrived, Kim helped to move the man into the ambulance and explained the situation.

Kim’s agency has confirmed that the person in the CCTV video is indeed the actor and released a statement saying that “he only did what he had to do.”

According to entertainment portal AllKpop, the restaurant owner had not realised at the beginning that the man helping the chef was a celebrity. When she found out it was Kim, she informed the media.

The restaurant manager explained that the workers at the restaurant were all young students and did not know how to manage the situation, so it was lucky that Kim had stepped in to help. He said, “We didn't even have a chance to thank him because we were all so taken aback.”

Kim is a singer-actor who debuted with the boy band SS501. He has also appeared in the drama series When Time Stopped and Boys Over Flowers.

Source: CNA/sr


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