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Daily Cuts

Daily Cuts - How dangerous is it to be riding your motorbike?

Daily Cuts
19 Sep 2023 09:04AM
8 mins

Data from traffic police shows more people died or were injured due to traffic accidents, with nearly 4,500 casualties recorded in the first half of this year. That's 17% more from the same period last year. And almost half of those who died on the road are motorcyclists and pillion riders. Edmund Ang is a motorcyclist and he’s been riding for 5 years now.

Daily Cuts - New recommendations for career planning with more autonomy

Singapore Today's Lance Alexander and Daniel Martin speak with NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Desmond Choo and Sarah Lim, a manager in the civil service who's also a caregiver, about the labour movement's 10 recommendations to give workers here more autonomy in career planning.

29/09/2023 16 mins

Daily Cuts - Thriving in the emotional wilderness

Melanie Oliveiro speaks with John Lim - Speaker, Registered Social Worker and author of "Take Heart: Thriving in the Emotional Wilderness". He’ll talk about what inspired him to write the book about a young man who attended to his depression by using “call to action” ways – like unlearning what society teaches us. He also discusses how he counsels youths with mental distress as well as working with families and individuals facing severe distress in their lives.

29/09/2023 28 mins

Daily Cuts - A licky bit of home in Hanoi

Melanie Oliveiro speaks with Kimberly Lim, a writer at RICE media, about her solo trip to Hanoi and finding a little bit of home there. While travelling around, she discovered that our familiar Singapore Ice Cream Sandwich (Ice Cream Loti) has found success in the Vietnamese street markets, more so than back home.

29/09/2023 16 mins

Daily Cuts - Flying Singapore's Flag at Paris Fashion Week

Melanie Oliveiro speaks with Singaporean fashion designer, Kavita Thulasidas whose Spring Summer 2024 collection ‘Heritage Reinterpreted’ will be shown at Paris Fashion Week on the 2nd of October. Kavita will talk more about her beginnings, the inspiration behind ‘Heritage Reinterpreted’, what she thinks of other overseas-based local fashion designers like Ashley Isham and Andrew Gn, and how her hand-embroidered designs are an ode to regional/local culture and craftmanship.

29/09/2023 17 mins

Daily Cuts - A young Silent Hero for the elderly

The Civilians Association (Singapore) honoured the quiet heroism of 56 volunteers at the Singapore Silent Heroes (SSH) 10th Anniversary awards presentation recently. We find out from one young awardee, Shena Tan of Anglican High School, why she’s passionate about supporting the elderly.

29/09/2023 6 mins