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Health Matters

Health Matters - S1E7: Turning 57: Health and lifestyle changes

Health Matters - S1E7: Turning 57: Health and lifestyle changes
15 Aug 2022 09:00AM
18 mins

As the nation turns 57, what are the big Health & Lifestyle Changes anyone should make when they reach this age? Listen in for the TOP 5 changes 57-year-olds can start making… and the TOP 5 Health Checks to go for.

Guest: Dr Ben Ng, Endocrinologist, Arden Endocrinology Specialist Clinic (Mt Elizabeth Novena)

Health Matters - S1E12: What you are eating could be causing your headaches

Did you know cheese and chocolate can lead to headaches? We explore the types of foods, and even medication, which may trigger severe headaches that are challenging to treat.

Guest: Dr Yasmin Idu Jion, Senior Consultant, Department of Neurology, National Neuroscience Institute

19/09/2022 18 mins

Health Matters - S1E11: How healthy is your heart?

How could walking up the stairs or placing your fingers on your wrist help you gauge how healthy your heart is?

Guest: Dr Julian Tan, Interventional Cardiologist, The Cardiology Practice, Farrer Park Medical Centre 

12/09/2022 16 mins

Health Matters - S1E10: Just how much punishment can your eyes take?

What should you do if a speck of dust is stuck in your eye? Rubbing it furiously might seem like the right thing to do, but could that cause harm instead? Plus, listen to find out why it is a bad idea to squeeze a stye on your eyelid.

Guest: A/Prof Khor Wei Boon, Senior Consultant at our Corneal & External Eye Disease Department, SNEC

05/09/2022 19 mins

Health Matters - S1E9: COVID-19 updates: Mask-wearing in Singapore

Many are celebrating as mask mandates have been eased in Singapore, but this doesn't mean we now have carte blanche to be mask-less without common sense and social responsibility. 

Guest: Dr Ling Limin, Infectious Diseases Physician, Rophi Clinic (Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital)

29/08/2022 17 mins

Health Matters - S1E8: Oral health and gut health: What's the connection?

The surprising link between what’s in your mouth, and your gut health. Plus, how swishing oil around in your mouth could help maintain oral hygiene.  

Guest: Dr Tan Kian Meng, Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics, Specialist Dental Group (Mount Elizabeth Orchard)

22/08/2022 16 mins